Petra Kennis owned her own Pilates and yoga studio in the Netherlands for many years. Then love struck when she and her husband visited Australia on a holiday. They fell in love with the country and people and decided to move their family to Sydney’s Northern Beaches where they have happily settled.

Petra has a unique skillset. She is phenomenal at reading bodies and she appreciates the individuality in each person. From this connection, her students deeply feel her support and love. Petra’s positivity floats around her and we are sure each of her lucky students will enjoy the experience and respect she feels as they get stronger and more supple. 

Petra’s personal life motto is to embrace life, take it the way it comes and make the best of it! 

 “My aim is to make people feel good about themselves and their bodies. I coach in a positive, challenging way but always with kindness. My workouts are intended to make you feel good, strong & happy”

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