Welcome New Teachers

With the expansion of our schedule we are delighted to welcome four new teachers this month.

Simone shares her 20 years of yoga experience with you. She has a firm grounding in the philosophy of yoga and weaves that through the class, plus her students adore her fabulous adjustments as they deepen their poses.

Sophie is a bit of an internet star for Pilates and her warm energy will also mean it’s not just your core, hips, back and upper body that feel warm after class.

Sam F was just about one of Sydney’s first barre students and has joined us for Thursday evenings first class workout. Come along and use Sam’s infectious enthusiasm to push you though the class with a smile.

Sarah takes the Friday evening Yoga for Mental Health Class and now joins us for Sunday 8am yoga. She combines ashtanga based flow with slower focused poses in her classes.

New 6am Yoga and Pilates Starting October 10.

Wednesdays 6-7am PILATES. Join us for a thorough Pilates workout with Sophie from Sept 10.

6-7am YOGA starts Oct 13. Simone is an inspirational yoga teacher.

Did you know an exercise regime has a 30% greater chance of being successful if done in the morning! When the clocks change, grab some of that Spring energy and jump onboard!

Limited OFFER for School Holidays!

Leigh says thank you to the fabulous Transform Yoga women, last month, who joined Leigh’s global revolution in her closed Facebook community, Soultopia, where women can access free teachings and gain the support of like-minded women.

Kylie Kinesiologist Free Demos

Kylie Kinesiologist Free Demos

Come and experience this advanced form of Kinesiology (Kinergetics) for yourself! These demo days are filled with information AND many attendees will receive FREE mini balances which WILL REDUCE PAIN, RELIEVE STRESS, INCREASE FLEXIBILITY on the day!

Date 1: Friday 18th August 1pm – 2.30pm
Date 2: Tuesday 29th August 11am-1pm
Date 3: Friday 1st September 1pm – 2.30pm
Date 4: Tuesday 5th September 4:30pm-6

Cost: FREE, at the Studio.