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The Easiest Healthiest Chocolate Mousse Ever!

I have been promising this recipe to many of you so here it is! This is a fantastic dairy free and (almost) sugar free dessert that is so rich and filling it is totally fulfilling! But what I love about it the most is that it freezes beautifully so I make up batches and freeze.

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Why Aerial is like Sex

We all know exercise is good for us. It has long been understood to boost low mood and calm anxiety. But do you want to know five reasons why aerial yoga and pilates are like sex?

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New Beginnings

Is it the fresh way of doing strength work? Is it the way the support of the hammock allows my back to find a new flexibility I haven’t felt since I was 20?  it the way every class ends in a cocoon of love relaxation that cleverly seduces me into the ultimate bliss out zone. (Aerial classes release the body’s so-called “happy” chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.)  I can’t wait to share this with you and promise you will be able to do exercises you never thought you could do!  It covers all the bases. So whether you come to Transform for stretch, for strength or for soulfulness, Aerial Yoga and Pilates will have you smiling with satisfaction. We are still a few weeks away from being ready to greet you in the air, but stay tuned for our members invite only preview classes and if you can’t wait, book for our school holiday workshop!

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Ma – A Useful Japanese Concept for Winter

The Winter hibernation encourages us to slow down, go more internal and just live a little quieter. And here I love the Japanese concept of Ma. Ma refers to the interval or gap between structural parts.
Ma is about space. It’s the part where there is nothing. It’s about pausing and taking breaks which so important for all of us.

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Cake to Keep the Cold Out!

Thank you to wonderful frequent visitor to the studio Megan for this fantastic cake recipe, created to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends to the studios. Maybe I was just tasting the love in it on the night, but this is simply the most wonderful chocolate cake I have ever had. And because the cook kept telling me how simple this one-pan cake recipe is, I just had ask for a copy to share with you!

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Freedom Seeking Parents

To all those busy ladies out there,

Are you a little like me? Do you find yourself racing to finish everything? (as if ‘everything’ can ever be finished!). Do you naturally tend towards over-ambitious to do lists? (while understanding there is nothing wrong with aiming for goals but sensing acutely how it can squash out the enjoyment of the moment). Are you a bit of a juggler, and do a pretty good job of keeping those balls going round, but then something can happen and they all end up bouncing around your legs?
Read on to learn my personal breakthrough on getting everything done.

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Easy Baked Kale Chips

If you are having a mother’s day gathering these are a healthy hit. They will be demolished by grown ups and kids alike. Kale shines nutritionally: High in fibre, iron, potassium and Vit A and for a vegetable, not bad in protein. This has to be the best way to consume all the goodness that’s in a bunch of kale. (Alas, they seem so absorb humidity so they won’t keep for lunchboxes.)

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No Pain, No Gain?

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a new friend to our studio. She had visited us three times for Pilates and been working at a level 1 in class so that we could take care of some physical conditions. (It’s a little journey to figure out what works and what might not work for our visitors. I feel teaching is a bit like dating – it takes time to figure out if your new friend prefers peas of cauliflower). Anyway, she wondered why the classes weren’t painful and indeed, whether she would get the benefits if she wasn’t feeling pain the next day.

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Valentine’s Day  Chocolate – Dark, Sultry and Light on Sugar

What does a healthy gal do when Valentines Day feels so naturally chocolatey? Well, I tried out this amazing dark and sultry raw chocolate recipe.  Very low in sugar and nearly as much fun to style the photo as to eat! So satisfying a tiny piece satiated me, so it lasted weeks in the fridge

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