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The Power of Doing Less

We had a great family holiday in July and in an attempt to hold on to that lazy hazy holiday feeling, I have been trying to do a little less since I got back. It means turning down a few things, which goes against my default. I find saying no to things hard to do, especially when some of those things are fun and others I know will stretch me in a good way.

Read on for more and some inspirations by soccer players and jugglers !

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Book Successfully Launched!

Thanks everyone who came to help me celebrate my new book, the Modern Yoga Bible. You may have seen some of the photos on our Facebook page. And while you are there, do like us!!

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A Fresh Year Has Begun. How Can You Fortify Positive Patterns in Your Life?

A new year can seem to herald a lot of new things, and 2017 is no different. My latest book, The Modern Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide To Yoga Today is being launched! I was asked by my publisher if I wanted to write another yoga book and, as yoga has moved on so much I thought a follow on from my, The Yoga Bible, would be a good idea. So, coming Feb 14 – how special – the publisher’s chose Valentine’s Day! – is the birth of my new book, The Modern Yoga Bible! You’ll be able to buy it online or at the studio.

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Book Launch! One Month To Go!

Join us March 17th for the launch of Transform founder and teacher Christina’s latest book, the Modern Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Today.

That Friday evening we’ll eat, drink and be merry. We will enjoy live music, beautiful art and a little reading from the book – I will try to keep that part short but there are a lot of you to thank (!!) We’re also offering free mini consults with the therapists from our clinic.

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LunchBox Tips For Back To School

By Northern Beaches Nutritionist Sue Fisk

People think that as a nutritionist I must have wonderfully healthy children that will eat whatever ‘jam packed with wholesome goodness’ treat I put in front of them. If this was the case I would never have had the calling to make a career change to study nutrition. Believe me – I am very used to dealing with fussy children when it comes to food!

So what are the top 3 ideas

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Cool Soup Recipe

I am convinced I make the best gazpacho in the world! Here is a great raw good recipe and so quick to put together. This super healthy soup from is light on your hips but tastes so rich on your tongue! I think the key is to let it stand for a couple of hours to let those cloves do their work and mingle with the other tastes. – Christina Here’s how:

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