Already you are nearly half way through your year. Rain and chill offer more excuses to skip your wellbeing routines.  Thinking back to the start of 2022, what were your WISHES FOR YOUR WELLBEING? Have you been successful or have these hopes fallen by the wayside?  ☹


Here’s a practical solution to help you stay on track. A great way  of baby steps  to HELP YOUR ASPIRATIONS COME TO LIFE, and also the easy to digest option of the mini-experiment.


John Whitmore founded a popular coaching model called the GROW model. GROW covers 4 key questions to ask yourself:


Goal – What do you want?

Reality – Where are you now?

Options – What could you do?

Will – What will you do?


Take some time to brainstorm a list of really what you want. Be open and ask yourself what will set your spirit soaring and uplift your soul.  GROW is about Deliberate blue sky thinking. Ponder and write it down. ponder and come up with the answer:  If anything were possible by the end of this 2022, this is where I want to be. This is what I would love to feel. Even if it feels like there’s a huge difference between where you are now and where you want to go, that’s okay because we generally overestimate how much we can do in a day, but underestimate how much we can achieve in a year. You’ve got the whole rest of the year to cultivate these new ways of being consolidating nicer ways for feeling, and to take the actions you need to take and remember, every baby step will add up.


REALITY. What is your current situation? Jot down where are at in terms of health, family, finances, relationships, career, happiness, fun and lightness.  I like to factor in four basic pillars of health;  Movement, Sleep, Stress and Nutrition.


OPTIONS. Take some time and be really creative with this. Don’t come into it from a limited mindset, or from your usual limitations. Imagine if you have an endless amount of money, and endless amount of time, no limitations, what would you do? What COULD you do?


And then, looking at what you have written down, decide what WILL you like to do? What’s realistic? This way we understand that we can plant the seeds and they will bear fruit in time. This is a process. It takes time – It can take a little patience but let it evolve step by step.




Consider, the idea of a your actions being a small experiment. You’re not committing to anything major. It can be about setting yourself smaller challenges and seeing how they work for you. So if all the blue sky thinking seems a bit unreal, look at something that’s really small, really achievable, and really shorter-term. It could be just setting your alarm earlier tomorrow to get back on your mat (so please do go to bed at a good time). It could be diarizing to get the fridge stocked and do some batch cooking this Sunday afternoon so you’ve got several days of healthy lunches. It could be committing to not taking the iPad to bed tonight and reading a book for pleasure or for your learning. This idea of undertaking a ‘mini experiment’  can take the pressure off, making things so much more achievable and sustainable. Delightful baby steps


It’s your turn now. Nearly half way into your year, how do you want 2022 to end? 😊