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I have been meaning to email for a while now…. what do I do all day? work, 3 teens, renovations, husband’s BAS… just to let you know how much I enjoy Transform. All the classes have something special – I always come away feeling physically rested or challenged and mentally also! The choice and ease of booking is also great! Thanks. 
–  Emma

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Choose from a variety of Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Classes right around your corner!

We also offer specialty classes in Prenatal Yoga, Mums+Bubs, Yoga for Kids and Teens, and Yin + Restorative Yoga.

Private lessons and corporate classes? No problem! We hold them onsite and at your location too.


Transform Yoga Pilates Barre’s mission is to support and uplift our local community in being strong, supple and soulful by offering wow-factor personalised classes which enhance lives on all levels.

Intro Offer

Transform Taster offer for new students – $40 for 4 classes! Get ready to transform!

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Our Balgowlah studio is conveniently located close to Manly, Fairlight, Allambie, Mosman, Seaforth and Frenchs Forest.

New classes and teachers, timetable changes, courses and workshop events, special offers and more.


Kombucha tasting at Transform

I’m a local mum with a mission to help my family and now pass it on to you. My family suffers with Asthma, eosonophilic esophagitis, hay fever, and other inflammation related illnesses. Since including my home-brewed kombucha & kefirs as a regular part of our lifestyle, we have been able to reduce and remove Asthma and other medications from our daily routine.

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We’re on Instagram!

It took us a while, but we’re finally on Instagram! Join us there as we amble our way through upcoming events, exclusive sneak peeks, candid photos, and finally, to the quintessential Instagram selfie.

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2-minute positive Thank You email

Wow! This is a message from reader of my book in the Netherlands. Everyday he selects someone somewhere in the world to thank, and I got lucky – today was my turn! . What a beautiful experience to be the recipient of this gratitude. Here is some of what Lerrie in Holland says…

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Easy Baked Kale Chips

If you are having a mother’s day gathering these are a healthy hit. They will be demolished by grown ups and kids alike. Kale shines nutritionally: High in fibre, iron, potassium and Vit A and for a vegetable, not bad in protein. This has to be the best way to consume all the goodness that’s in a bunch of kale. (Alas, they seem so absorb humidity so they won’t keep for lunchboxes.)

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Deep Tissue Roll and Release

This workshop is a must for anyone who sits at a desk, drives a car, carries a baby, lugs too many grocery bags at once to save that extra trip from the car, runners, surfers- everyone really. When our bodies move in repetitive ranges of motion tension becomes embedded in our tissues. Most of the time we don’t even notice it is there because it’s been there for so long.

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Transforming yourself has never been so easy!

Transform Taster $40 for 4 classes!

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From Christina

Christina Brown is an internationally renowned Yoga teacher, bestselling Yoga author and the proud owner of Transform Yoga Pilates Barre. Also a Yoga teacher trainer and certified Pilates and BootyBarre® instructor, Christina delivers all her classes with flair. Be inspired by Christina and her regular writings!


No Pain, No Gain?

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a new friend to our studio. She had visited us three times for Pilates and been working at a level 1 in class so that we could take care of some physical conditions. (It’s a little journey to figure out what works and what might not work for our visitors. I feel teaching is a bit like dating – it takes time to figure out if your new friend prefers peas of cauliflower). Anyway, she wondered why the classes weren’t painful and indeed, whether she would get the benefits if she wasn’t feeling pain the next day.

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Valentine’s Day  Chocolate – Dark, Sultry and Light on Sugar

What does a healthy gal do when Valentines Day feels so naturally chocolatey? Well, I tried out this amazing dark and sultry raw chocolate recipe.  Very low in sugar and nearly as much fun to style the photo as to eat! So satisfying a tiny piece satiated me, so it lasted weeks in the fridge

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TRANSFORM – Time to be Brutally Honest with Yourself.

Dear Friends, As 2018 opens with all it’s potential, I have an important (and maybe confronting) question for you… How was this past year for you … really?  Comparing 2017 to what you wanted for yourself, and being completely honest with yourself, Were you less...

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Workplace needs inspiring....

Looking to boost staff productivity and contentment?

Yoga and Pilates classes to suit your workplace: at lunchtimes, early mornings or evenings. Transform Yoga Pilates Barre can provide a qualified, experienced and insured teacher to match the needs of your group. We can also provide break-out or themed sessions for conferences, retreats or special events.

Starting young for a lifetime of benefits

Wouldn’t it have been great if you started Yoga earlier in life? Our specialist and experienced teachers utilise kids boundless energy with active stretch and balance – creating life skills and tools for relaxation and self-awareness. All classes are taught in an appropriate way for the various age groups. Plus Transform Yoga Pilates Barre has great school holiday options for both grown-ups and the kids!

Look no further. Transform today!