Recent comments on our studio and teachers

Discovering Christina Brown

“And then I found globally-renowned author and teacher, Christina Brown. I stumbled across Christina when she owned Life Source in Sydney, took her Friday lunchtime class one day, and fell in love. She is an amazing and inspirational teacher who made yoga fun, holding it lightly and taking her students on a journey of discovery. I loved her classes so much, that I decided a few years later to do my yoga teacher training with her, which was one of the best years of my life.”

Megan Dalla Camina, in her book Getting Real about Having it all. Be your best, love your career and bring back your sparkle. (Published by Hay House)

Corporate Classes

“We all loved our teacher, and it was seriously the brightest point of our week and the highlight of our Thursdays.  The teacher was such a great motivator, she was so cheerful, and put up with us giggling our way through the classes. She made us all work harder than we realised and believed in us more than we believed in ourselves! Your instructor is truly an asset to Transform Yoga, and on behalf of all of us here at Harlequin, we cannot recommend her highly enough nor thank her enough! And thanks to you as well for organising it, for providing the great experience that we had. I’ll be recommending Transform Yoga far and wide!” – MD, Harlequin Publishers


“I am amazed at how much my body has changed! It hasn’t just got to a point then stopped. I have kept coming and plan to keep coming. Each week I can see I am getting better and better.” – NWon completing her first 6 months using the Transform Express pass

First Class

“By the way, I did my first class last week and it was fantastic! I felt right at home and loved every minute of it. I think I smiled all the way through the class – it is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Am looking forward to going tomorrow again.” 

The Yoga, Pilates, Barre Mix

“I had back pain for 7 years. The last year has been the worst. I have spent so much on different therapists before coming to Transform. My back pain was 100% gone after 2 weeks. I have visited three times a week, once each for yoga, barre and pilates class and have absolutely no back pain anymore.” Sue, after two months of Transform classes

“After five classes, I have trimmed down on my hips and thighs. I am convinced it’s the Booty Barre classes as I still drink beer!” NM, Booty Barre attendee once a week.

“Over the ten years I have been doing pilates and yoga in all sorts of areas I have found both the 6pm Pilates on Thursday and 8:30am Sat Yoga to be the best classes I have ever been to. My stomach already feels flat and tight and finally instructors taking time to ensure we all do it properly to get the best result.” – KG

“It’s a really unique workout. I have done lots of exercise but this uses muscles that nothing else does. There were muscles I used I didn’t even know I had!”– KJ

‘You walk out feeling like you have been to a spa retreat for a day after a yoga session at Transform!’ Anneli C

Graham's First Barre Experience

We were chuffed when popular Pilates teacher and general sports hero Graham braved Clare’s oestrogen and high kick rich environment for a Booty Barre class. What a good sport! Here are his comments:

“As a professional coach and athlete my personal workouts are important to me. They have to be fun, engaging, intense and leave me feeling energised, yet physically drained. Whether it is rock climbing, mountain biking, ocean ski paddling or just a beach interval training session; I love feeling the burn, muscles quivering and heart pumping.

So, I tried booty barre. The result: absolute muscle exhaustion, my glutes were on fire and definitely had the shakes. Give it a try, you won’t regret it :-)” Graham

Early morning classes

“If only people knew how fabulous is was to go into a warm dimly lit studio when dark and walk out the door energised, ready for the day after the sun has risen.” Sue

Mid-week Reset

“It’s a reset for the week. People at work have noticed how different I am on Wednesdays. They really see the difference in me. Now, after a Tuesday evening class, Wednesday at work is like after the weekend again”  – JK

Prenatal Yoga

“We welcomed our little girl last Friday. She is an absolute sweetheart and we are over the moon. I had an amazing, drug free natural labour which I am still on a high from. I did so much prep for labour as I was attempting a vaginal birth after caesarian and it all paid off. So I wanted to thank you for your amazing classes. I was so focused during my labour. So present. Never felt fear of anxiety. And I put that down to my yoga practice and being able to be completely present. I wasn’t against using pain relief but I was so present in each moment I didn’t even think of it!! I really just wanted to share my amazing experience.”  – Lara

“Attending weekly prenatal yoga is a fabulous way to relax and connect with baby. The classes are personal, informative, and relaxing. The yoga practice is gentle and yet I definitely come away with the feeling that I have worked my muscles without exhausting myself or being in any discomfort. It is truly the best thing I have done while bring pregnant, and it would definitely make an excellent gift for any mum to be!”  – BJ

“All my time at yoga really came into play with breathing techniques and I just imagines I was doing wall sits with my hands above my head. It took 5.5 hours from induction to the point where I pulled my baby out myself. The most amazing labour experience! Thanks you for all your guidance during this special time. I absolutely  loved being pregnant and can’t waitto do it all over again one day. For now I am enjoying my beautiful little boy.” –  Kellie M

Mums+Bubs Yoga

“The mother and bub classes have enabled me to get my core strength and flexibility back after having a very difficult birth. With the help of Christina and her focus on each and every student I am able to navigate the new world of motherhood with little to no pain. Her knowledge of yoga, pilates and her first hand experience of being a mum makes her classes a pleasure to be a part of. When I leave my Friday class I feel elated and renewed to take on the challenges of the day/week. Thank you Christina for taking the time to recognise each of us as individuals with differing levels of health and wellbeing. Your personalised approach has really made a difference to my quality of life and I look forward to continuing classes with Transform now and into the future. ” – Kerrie

“Love the small size of the class and personal touch and flexibility of how Christina runs the class. The mum n bubs class helps me to focus on me while bub looks at me like i’m a silly octopus. After the first session the sore muscles from carrying bub all the time diminished. Great class and I look forward to it every week.” – Marylene

Yoga, Motherhood and Work

“Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome. Each class I attend, I know that you care about all of us in the class – from adjustments to level of difficulty. Your attention to these details and your genuine care that we stay true to ourselves make our relationship with you and yoga very meaningful. I never thought I would enjoy it this much. I am extremely grateful. My family is grateful too.

Since giving birth to my 2 year old, I haven’t experienced deep restful sleep. From after my 3rd yoga class, I have been sleeping like a log but still attuned to my toddler when she needs me. I also noticed that I have more energy. The past 4 weeks at work have also been challenging. People around me have noticed a real difference in my approach. I work in a pressure cooker environment so it’s not easy to stop-think-say/do. Now, I get people to consciously ‘breathe in/breathe out, think then speak.’ It’s funny to watch when you have a room full of people with strong personalities, no one is speaking, and everyone breathing. The best part of this, is that, it works on the kids too! (I also am a carer for my 11 year old niece). These positive changes in me may not all be yoga but since it’s the only new thing I’ve done, I am giving you and yoga all the credit. THANK YOU! “– Ria

Yes, we love your compliments!

“Thank you for creating the best yoga centre in the universe!”

“I was just telling my husband this morning how lovely and personal it feels to be part of Transform”

“We both really enjoyed our class. We are both looking forward to next week. I must say, I slept the best nights sleep after that class, it was fantastic, totally different.”

“I have been meaning to email for a while now. ( what do I do all day ? – work , 3 teens, renovating, husbands BAS…). Just to let you know how much I enjoy Transform. All the classes have something special – I always come away feeling physically rested or challenged and mentally also! The choice and ease of booking is also great! Thanks. –  Emma”


Thank you everyone whose words appear on this page. With your support, Transform will continue to bring you the best teachers, great classes and of course, more of the good stuff!

Look no further. Transform today!