I love speaking with new members of our community about what’s going on for them in their bodies and lives, and I’d love to help you find out whether we are the perfect fit to work together so you can be strong, supple and soulful in that sustainable way. Besides the must-know FAQs here, do check out this free checklist of what you should know to help you choose the right studio for you.

How Do I know What Type Of Class Fits Me Best?
In a nutshell, Pilates is great for strength and mobility. It is excellent if you are rehabing an injury and the exercise of choice for people with back problems. Yoga is a combination of stretching andstrengthening with breathwork and guided relaxation and meditation. It dissolves stress and enhances mindfulness. Yoga is an excellent cross training for runners and surfers. Barre is super toning and strengthening and will get your heart pumping too. Cardio Pilates is like a barre class without hte barre. It combines Pilates principals with the joyfulness of dancey music. You will sweat, strengthen and smile. If you are ready to try out our classes, grab our intro pass which will give you four classes. If you still aren’t sure, we LOVE to chat with new guests about what could suit their needs best, so give us a call on 0402 970020.
What Are Your Qualifications and How Much Experience Do the Teachers Have?
Our teachers are all qualified, insured and experienced. At last count, our teachers had an average of 10 years teaching experience and, on average over 19 years experience with their own practice in the field. They all hold certifications in their field and often have other related certifications such as massage, physiotherapy etc which add to their teaching skills. Not only that they are all passionate about their craft and actively seek out further learning opportunities, and are supported by Transform to do so. Between us we have published 7 books and have another one on the way!
What Makes Your Studio Unique?
Expertise: Our teaching faculty has on average 10 years teaching experience each and between them have written 7 books on their field. They generously share their knowledge and understand how a giggle during class lightens the load. Variety: Between our classes you will get the cardio you need, the strength work you need and the suppleness you need. We teach with a good dose of soulfulness and aim to make your workouts a sustainable part of your life. Warmth: We get to know you and have created a community of positive thinking clientele who have left that ‘tickbox’ approach to exercise behind. For them health is just their way of life and they come to class just for themselves, not to be a certain way for anyone else. At Transform you can keep it real, check your ego at the door, work to your level and feel in safe hands with our expert teachers.
Can I Attend Casually?

Yes. You can attend any of our classes casually for $34. If you are new to us grab a special intro pass. And once you work it into your routine, we have great value packs to choose from..

What Do I Need to Bring?

Bring a mat or rent one of ours. Bring a water bottle for barre and cardio pilates classes. Wear comfy clothes. All our classes are barefoot (some people like wearing grippy sox). We use a whole host of equipment which is all provided.

Is There Easy Parking?
Yes. There is untimed parking in the surrounding streets. Happily, all the parking is free in our area. For our 9.30am classes, we do recommend you allow a little more time as this coincides with the local primary school start time of 9.20am. See our location here
What Are Your Opening Times?
We are open 7 days a week and, depending on the day, we have classes from 6 am to 8.45pm. Check our online schedule for all our classes.
When Do I Need To Arrive for my class?
Doors open 15 minutes before class. Please then arrive at least five minutes before class to get set up, or 10 minutes if it’s your first time.
How Do I Ensure My Place in a Class?

Just book your spot online or using the free app, Momence. The app is great, it remembers your password for you and you can book or reschedule classes with one touch. Please then arrive at least five minutes before class to get set up, or 10 minutes if it’s your first time.

Who Do You Help?

At Transform we are privileged to be part of the the lives of so many people, from those rehabilitating an injury to elite athletes, from expectant parents to recently delivered mums. Babies come to our mum and bubs classes, children, teens, and those in all phases of study, career, family life or retirement. Check out the Praise page on our website or email us to ask for some testimonials. If you want to know whether we are the right studio for you, do give us a call so we can discuss your needs.

What Types of Clientele Visit Your Classes?

We welcome bumps, babies, kids, teens, and men and women young and old. If you are concerned about your physical health or ability, then pick up the phone and give us a call on 0402 970020 so we can have a real discussion and you will get a sense of whether we are the perfect studio for you. Getting to know you and your needs comes first. During class our instructors offer support, encouragement or props so you can work to your level. We have created a real community culture and so many of our clients have told us they have left that ‘tickbox’ approach to exercise behind. They come to Transform just for themselves, not to be a certain way for anyone else.

Can Men Come Too?

You bet! Men get a lot out of our Pilates and Yoga Classes. You’re less likely to find a man in our barre classes, unless they have perhaps performed onstage in their life.

What Type Of Yoga Do You Offer?

We offer Hatha Yoga which covers yoga breathing, focussing techniques, postures which strengthen you and stretch you out plus relaxation skills. We have Restorative Yin yoga where you get set for longer holds and allow you to wind down. We also have specialised kids, teens classes, mum and bubs, and prenatal classes.

Do I Have to Be Coordinated or a Good Dancer to do a Barre Class?

No! At Transform we like to keep it real! While barre classes are indeed ballet inspired, you won’t be pirouetting around the room or having to remember any tricky choreography. Transfrom was an early adopter of Barre method so we have taught thousands of newbies who have all mastered the workout beautifully and been looking good and feeling great from their very first lesson.

What's Your Teaching Team Like?

Our instructors are second to none. With an average minimum of 10 years teaching experience between the group, our instructors are all certified, highly experienced and passionate about their field. Not only that, we have gathered a group of warm and caring instructors who go out of their way to take care of you.

I have never tried Yoga, Pilates or Barre Before. Can I Still Come?

Of course! And most likely you won’t be the only newbie in your class! You are welcome to just hop online schedule and book in your first class and most people do this. However, we understand how daunting it can be to turning up to something new. Give us a call so we can take the time up front to speak about any injuries or issues and to help you choose the best classes for you. Often people come to Pilates with props classes before they move on to barre or cardio pilates. And for those with certain injuries we might recommend attending Pilates with Props classes before you try yoga. Through those classes we layer the instructions, so you’ll find the experience is a really enjoyable one where you stay connected with your self, and what you need. We promise you won’t feel like you are suddenly racing Hussain Bolt in the 100 m sprint! We want you to feel wonderful during the class and triumphant after.

Do Your Teachers Give Much Personalised Guidance Through the Class?
Yes! Our teachers don’t just stay on their mat looking perfect and unapproachable! For part of nearly every class , they walk the room offering you personalised instruction to finesse your practice and hands on adjustments if you like. We also love requests for class themes. So whether it’s extra neck stretches or more tummy strengtheners, be sure to ask your teacher before class for what you need!
I am an Advanced Yoga Student. What Can The Teachers Offer Me?
Our yoga teaching faculty has on average 15 years teaching experience each are are led by Christina Brown, author of 6 books on Yoga. Our teachers don’t just stay on their mat looking perfect and unapproachable! For part of nearly every class, they walk the room offering you personalised instruction to finesse your practice and hands on adjustments if you like. We also take requests for class themes. So whether it’s extra neck stretches or more tummy strengtheners, be sure to ask your teacher before class for what you need!
How Do You Ensure the Classes Aren't Too Crowded?

Our prebooking system ensures you won’t get too close for comfort in class. You can book through our website or use the free Momence app.

Why Do I Need to Prebook My Spot?
We ask all our clients to prebook their classes online to ensure our guests have space in class. This also helps our teachers plan around any needs each student has (yes, we do check before class so we can best tailor classes to those in attendance). It also ensures all our the classes stay fresh and interesting so you don’t ever just repeat whatever you did last time. Plus it also helps us set the room up correctly for the number of students so there is no last minute mat jiggle as those last couple of people come in. The good news is that prebooking is easy.
How Do I Cancel My Booking for a Class?

Use your online account or the free Mindbodyonline app to cancel out your reservation. As long as you cancel 120 minutes before the class you will keep that class credit and there is no charge for cancelling.

Are Your Classes Safe For Me?
To discuss any aches, pains or issues, please phone us on 0402 970020. We may suggest you see a physiotherapist or other therapist initially to get the go ahead and we can definitely talk with you about the most appropriate classes and the best way to stage any return to exercise and good health.
I am Currently Injured. Can I Come to Class?
Call us to discuss your diagnosis so we can work out a safe plan. We may refer you to a therapist for further treatment or recommend you hold off a while. While it is frustrating having an injury, keep in mind that usually it is just a little blip in your life so it’s worth taking the time to sort it as best you can now. And remember, it’s a waste of your time to think of any time lost. Your most powerful moment is RIGHT NOW. In your hands, you hold the power to change your entire future for the better. Health. Strength, Balance, Equanimity. Happiness. Longevity. So do the wise and sensible thing by your body and take good care of it. Once you are ready and safe to incorporate classes into your routine, we can guide you into the most appropriate classes. Initially we’d be guiding you so you can safely work with and around those limitations, with the aim that in time we’d love to to help get you flying again!
I have a Permanent Physical Limitation That I Can Never Change. How Can You Help?
We take the time up front to check you are in the right classes for you, then we can offer you personalised instructions throughout that class, so you’ll find the experience is a really enjoyable one where you stay connected with your self, and what you need. Our shared aim is for you to feel just as good during the class as after. We have all the bells and whistles with props to support you during the class. We can usually offer you more manageable options to start with and then take a test and measure approach to seee how you go and if you can up the challenge. Think of it like dating – you don’t know everything about someone on a first date but over time we get to know you better, what works and what doesn’t so we can help you more and more over time.
Will Your Classes Give Me Energy?
Yes. Yes. Yes! Consider your starting point on that line from low to high energy. If you are exhausted, yoga might suit you best while you build up and remember, you can work each class to your own level of intensity and rest as you need. If you are at that mid to high energy anyway, any of our classes will give you energy. While barre and cardio pilates in particular do require energy, you’ll still walk out with that amazing feel good buzz.
I Am Really Stressed. Will Your Classes Help Me?
Absolutely. Most people gravitate to Yoga to develop calming techniques but depending on how you work, any class can defuse you when you feel about to blow a gasket. Book in for a yoga class or call us to chat about the best classes to try.
Do You Heat the Room?
Our room is climate controlled. We keep our clients comfortable by cooling the studio down for Barre and Cardio Pilates clsases. For Yoga and Pilates classes we go with the seasons so we’ll warm you up in Winter and keep you cooler in Summer.
Do You Offer Childcare?
No. Instead we offer classes 7 days a week and many of those times suit parents. We find 9.30am slots can suit parents of school aged kids. And parents of younger kids love our 7.30 pm class times. Our mum and bubs classes are not only for babies, but older siblings 3+ can come along too. During school holidays kids 5+ can attend class and either join in with you, or colour in on the day bed, or a bit of both. If you have a child aged 4+, phone us to discuss any other class timeslots that could suit you. Of course weekends are popular times for hard working parents too. It’s too easy to feel like a two legged school in that juggle between family work and health and health is often the first thing to slip. Shore up that wonky stool as the whole family will benefit from parents with a little life balance. Check our schedule and to work out a time that could suit your family and do your best to claim it at your bit of sanctuary each week!
What other Facilities Do You Have Onsite?
We have two clinic rooms – see the clinic section of our website for treatments and therapist contact details. We have a shower, a retail section where you can buy mats, props and books written by Transform Founder Christina Brown (our bestselling author and Transform founder!)
Can I Pause My Membership When I am Going on Holidays?

Yes, you can pause your membership. You can do this for up to 4 weeks per year depending on the type of membership you have. If you need more time off but have used up all your freeze for the year, you can request for more time off with a class continuity fee that ranges from $10-$15/week.

I Am Too Busy to Come to Class
When you exercise you feel re-connected with yourself. Regular exercise is actually an essential safely release valve and without it you won’t sustain yourself well to get to those things you have on your do do list. If you feel you are always rushing and will never complete all those things on your to-do list, do try some yoga classes. On a deeper level, yoga practice helps because when your mind is in that mindful state of the now moment it’s impossible to hurry. There is no rushing in yoga because yoga is a state of mind. And regularly tasting that by coming to class keeps you sane and able to fulfil the rest of your responsibilities to your partner/children/work/family and friends. Sustainable and regular exercise holds the key to your success.
I Can't Commit to A Regular Class Time Each Week
You can come to any of our classes casually. We have a fabulous selection of classes 7 days a week from 6am to 9pm and lots on weekends too. If you really can’t make it, remember you can cancel any class with just an hours notice and you keep that class credit for a future class.
I Tend to Stop and Start with my Exercise Programs. How Can I Stay Consistent So I Can Get all the Benefits?
We understand how exercise is essential to your wellbeing and that it’s not a short term thing. Because you need to do it your whole life, wouldn’t you rather it be like a life long love affair? We believe our studio is the best out there and while you can come casually to classes anytime, you can consider a membership as the best value option to keep you wedded to yourself and get those sustained benefits. Good health is so much about simply planning and so the ability to prebook our classes gets your health in your diary. (P.S. Your mat never gives you a guilt trip when you dust it off after a long break away. So let go of the past and let us get you moving again now!)
I am Pregnant. How Does it Work with Your Prenatal Classes?

We offer pregnancy specific yoga classes with specialist prenatal teachers which help you enjoy your pregnancy more and prepare for an optimal birth experience. If you are new to yoga, please wait until you are 12 weeks pregnant to attend. You are welcome to attend casually any week at $34 per class. If you have a 20-day pass, you can start any day you like from 12 weeks of pregnancy. After 33 weeks, we can offer you a similar discount if you buy a shorter batch of classes. You may use your Prenatal Pass to attend any other class – We have several yoga sessions each week taught by teachers with over a decade of prenatal experience each so do please call if you’d like to find out about those too. It is possible to attend Pilates with Props classes until about 21 weeks and we have prenatal modifications for our Barre classes too so please phone us to talk through your desires and how we can take the best care of you at this very special time.

I Have Just Had a Baby. When Can I Come to Class?

We have a specialised postnatal yoga class each week that you can bring your baby too. You are welcome to attend casually any week at $34 per class. Generally women wait until after their 6 week doctor check up to return to class. Of course it’s possible to come to all our other classes too, though we like to have a discussion with you about a couple of things relevant to the post natal time. So please call us when you feel ready to return so we can take the best care of you during this phase of your life.

Do You Have Other Events or Classes I can Learn From?
From time to time we have special workshops and events such as free talks or seminars. We also have an onsite clinic and you can find out about our therapists on the clinic page of our website.
I'm on a Tight Budget at the Moment

We offer an intro pass for our new clients – 5 Classes for 20 Days for only $67. You also come casually and we have concession rates for students too. It’s hard to play catch up later with your health. Can you afford not to take care of your health? While it can take time to get those other facets of your life feeling right, everything feels better when you are strong and supple. Your immune system, your stamina will change, your grace in the face of change, your head feels in the right palce, and emotionally you become more resilient, So let’s get you started now.

How Can I Access the On Demand Library?

To access our online media library, click here.