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It’s Time to Claim or Reclaim Your Everything Balance

A few years ago I got the chance to spend a whole day at the computer. As a mummy to two pre-schoolers, this felt like a rare treat. A whole 7 hours at my computer meant proper time to focus. No noses to wipe. No popcorn to pop. This day I left a happy trail of ticked...

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Falling off the Rails? Simply Smile and Begin Again

In meditation lately, I have been pondering three words. ‘Simply begin again’. The idea that when I lose my focal point of the meditation (for me, the breath, and yes, I lose focus all the time), is that I just I notice what’s happened, smile upon myself and then...

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Life Lessons on Healing and Focus from My Amazing Daughter

Family is a vital part of your life that contributes to your wellbeing and view of the world. When you have dealt with the feelings of loss for someone who was your support in the family, grief never goes away entirely, and there are moments that can trigger that...

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6 Vital Life Hacks To Reach Your Highest Potential

Many of you will have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The one where first comes food, water and shelter.  Then safety follows – that sense of home, and as you can see in this image, we then need love and belonging, esteem, and the icing on the cake is to aim for...

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Breathwork Fundamentals – The 3 Basic Ingredients & Getting Started with a Practice

By: Linsey Chan
How to Get Started with a Breathwork Practice – The 3 Basics Ingredients 
Here we share the 3 foundations of developing a Breathwork practice that will make a big difference to your day and get you started with straight away. First of all though, you are invited to get excited about having discovered the breath and the significant changes you are about to make!

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By popular demand we are pleased to introduce three new morning classes starting October 15.

Mondays add in:
Pilates with props 8-8.45 am with myself starting Oct 21…

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Soundcloud Returns!

Our live soundbath and aerial restorative evening is a fabulous opportunity to experience the support a  hammock can give your stretches without concerns about flips or tricks that night. The hammock gives us an innate sense of wellbeing…

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Transform Through Breath

We are excited to be offering a transformative program to support you in your journey to better health and wellbeing, from the inside – out. Lynsey Chan from Rhythm of Breath is a Breathwork Facilitator and Therapist and is partnering with us…

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Massage at Transform

We are delighted to announce Petra (who many of you know from her gorgeous love-infused yoga and Pilates classes) is now offering her delicious massage treatments at Transform! And, best of all, if you haven’t experienced one of her special treatments before…

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Make the Switch!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to make the switch from Mindbody app to the Transform App!

Find our branded app: “Transform Yoga Pilates Barre” on your app store and your same log in and password will work.

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