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Welcome New Teachers

With the expansion of our schedule we are delighted to welcome four new teachers this month.

Simone shares her 20 years of yoga experience with you. She has a firm grounding in the philosophy of yoga and weaves that through the class, plus her students adore her fabulous adjustments as they deepen their poses.

Sophie is a bit of an internet star for Pilates and her warm energy will also mean it’s not just your core, hips, back and upper body that feel warm after class.

Sam F was just about one of Sydney’s first barre students and has joined us for Thursday evenings first class workout. Come along and use Sam’s infectious enthusiasm to push you though the class with a smile.

Sarah takes the Friday evening Yoga for Mental Health Class and now joins us for Sunday 8am yoga. She combines ashtanga based flow with slower focused poses in her classes.

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New 6am Yoga and Pilates Starting October 10.

Wednesdays 6-7am PILATES. Join us for a thorough Pilates workout with Sophie from Sept 10.

6-7am YOGA starts Oct 13. Simone is an inspirational yoga teacher.

Did you know an exercise regime has a 30% greater chance of being successful if done in the morning! When the clocks change, grab some of that Spring energy and jump onboard!

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Limited OFFER for School Holidays!

Leigh says thank you to the fabulous Transform Yoga women, last month, who joined Leigh’s global revolution in her closed Facebook community, Soultopia, where women can access free teachings and gain the support of like-minded women.

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Kylie Kinesiologist Free Demos

Come and experience this advanced form of Kinesiology (Kinergetics) for yourself! These demo days are filled with information AND many attendees will receive FREE mini balances which WILL REDUCE PAIN, RELIEVE STRESS, INCREASE FLEXIBILITY on the day!

Date 1: Friday 18th August 1pm – 2.30pm
Date 2: Tuesday 29th August 11am-1pm
Date 3: Friday 1st September 1pm – 2.30pm
Date 4: Tuesday 5th September 4:30pm-6

Cost: FREE, at the Studio.

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Brownout: Burnout’s ‘little’ sister

According to a 2015 report by the Australian Psychological Association, 35% of Australians report having a significant level of distress in their lives.
While we may be familiar with the symptoms of burnout we’re often unaware of the alternative; a deeper, chronic fatigue that affects high-functioning adults. On the surface we look like we’ve got it together but under the surface we’ve lost our mojo, zing and overall joie de vivre.
High functioning individuals experiencing brownout exhibit the following signs:

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The Power of Doing Less

We had a great family holiday in July and in an attempt to hold on to that lazy hazy holiday feeling, I have been trying to do a little less since I got back. It means turning down a few things, which goes against my default. I find saying no to things hard to do, especially when some of those things are fun and others I know will stretch me in a good way.

Read on for more and some inspirations by soccer players and jugglers !

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Booking Your Class

We’ve been having a little down tine with our website lately. While we sort out a little tech stuff, bear remember you can always find our schedule using the mindbody connect app. You can book/schedule/postpone your classes and buy your passes through the app at any time. Plus, when you book ahead for class you’ll get a better class experience.
When we know who is coming to class, we are more able to tailor the class to your needs. We can offer you more personalised instructions, so you’ll enjoy the experience more. It also ensures the classes stay fresh for you and allows us to set the room up correctly. And by the way, you always have 60 minutes before class to cancel your booking with no penalty. So, do help us help you and use the one touch app when you next come!

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What is Urinary Incontinence?

Often not spoken of just uncomfortably “dealt with” behind closed doors, but did you know effective natural methods are available to assist you? Urinary incontinence is a widespread condition that ranges in severity from ‘a small leak’ to complete loss of bladder control. Urinary incontinence can be managed and worked with effectively using advanced Kinesiology working directly with the muscles, emotions and possible trauma at the causal level of this issue? We are here to assist you NOW. Read on for this bladder Questionnaire.

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New Class – Yoga for Mental Wellbeing

Based on the teachings of LifeForce Yoga®, this Friday evening class brings together a blend of yin, gentle movement, breathing and sound. In this class you’ll be invited to relax and let go of the week that has been and welcome the weekend to come.
This class, run by Sarah Keast at the Transform Studio is suitable for all levels, especially the non-flexi-bendi types! Come and learn techniques to manage your Black Dog, calm your mind or just enjoy some me time. Fridays 6.30-7.30pm starting next week – August 17th. For all Transform Clients, Sarah is offering your first class FREE! Read more about the class and about LifeForce Yoga teacher Sarah and find out how to book.

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Hair Free!

Sherry from Salon S is in our clinic 6 days a week offering waxing, nails and facials. After 10 years, Sherry has moved her clinic from Manly where many locals knew her as the waxing expert.

Sherry will cater to all your waxing needs and her prices for men and women are great. For example a half leg wax for women is $25 and a full leg plus Brazilian is $75.

Just knock on Sherry’s door after your class or call Sherry on 0401 041 256 to book your next expert wax at great prices.

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