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Deep Tissue Roll and Release In Depth

What is Fascia?
Fascia is a specialised system of the body that has the appearance similar to a spider’s web or the white stuff you find on an orange. Fascia is very densely woven, covering every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs. Trauma, inflammatory responses, surgical procedures, and repetitive movement patterns create Myo-fascial restrictions that can produce unbalanced pressure within our bodies and affect our overall posture.

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Ma – A Useful Japanese Concept for Winter

The Winter hibernation encourages us to slow down, go more internal and just live a little quieter. And here I love the Japanese concept of Ma. Ma refers to the interval or gap between structural parts.
Ma is about space. It’s the part where there is nothing. It’s about pausing and taking breaks which so important for all of us.

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Schedule Your Sanity

DO Bring your kids to class as you need to over the school holidays.

DON’T put yourself in the position where you have to play catch up with your health. Schedule your sessions for when school starts back. If you don’t diarise it now, you risk losing even more time.

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Q: What’s your hardest yoga pose?

I am reminded of this every Winter which tends to present more challenges to keep up your fitness. We let the cold and wet elements be an excuse for not coming out. And we just feel stiffer than in warmer climates. But if you can stick with your practice over the Winter we promise you will reap the rewards come Spring. Read on for the answer..

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Life-Skill Your Kids

The focus for Term 3 Teen Yoga is to equip teens the tools of mindfulness to use both inside and outside the classroom. Our classes give teens a completely transportable tool in their back pocket to better cope with the everyday stress of life, school and social media.

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Sacred Mapping for women

This workshop provides an opportunity to understand our cyclic nature as women. It unlocks many of the answers to WHY we feel certain ways at certain times. It will give you knowledge and practical ways to connect with your natural rhythms, and use your cyclic nature to your advantage.
Learn about:
+ The ‘life seasons’- that we all move through.
+ The rites of passage as women and how we can honour and acknowledge them
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Cake to Keep the Cold Out!

Thank you to wonderful frequent visitor to the studio Megan for this fantastic cake recipe, created to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends to the studios. Maybe I was just tasting the love in it on the night, but this is simply the most wonderful chocolate cake I have ever had. And because the cook kept telling me how simple this one-pan cake recipe is, I just had ask for a copy to share with you!

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Freedom Seeking Parents

To all those busy ladies out there,

Are you a little like me? Do you find yourself racing to finish everything? (as if ‘everything’ can ever be finished!). Do you naturally tend towards over-ambitious to do lists? (while understanding there is nothing wrong with aiming for goals but sensing acutely how it can squash out the enjoyment of the moment). Are you a bit of a juggler, and do a pretty good job of keeping those balls going round, but then something can happen and they all end up bouncing around your legs?
Read on to learn my personal breakthrough on getting everything done.

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Sacred Self Care Circle for Women – Book in Now for June 30

This sacred circle for all women young and old provides somewhere to be ourselves, to feel held and heard without judgment, without fear, and without censoring. It is a safe space for women to explore a deeper connection to self and an opportunity to drop all the other roles we play in our lives. You will experience connection – Listening to other women and knowing you are not alone in what you’re feeling or moving through in your own life.

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Sweet spiced nut clusters recipe

Am I the last person in the world to try Stevia?. I feel years out of date but have finally tried out this sugar free natural sweetener. I couldn’t source the granules so I used a half measure of the powder instead. This is a lovely protein rich snack with just a hint of sweetness. The tahini gives it a nutrient boost. I made a double batch thinking it would last out the week for sprinkling on the kids’ porridge. Well, our home thought it too delicious to last that long. Try it and enjoy!

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We’re on Instagram!

It took us a while, but we’re finally on Instagram! Join us there as we amble our way through upcoming events, exclusive sneak peeks, candid photos, and finally, to the quintessential Instagram selfie.

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