Restorative Low Hammock Aerial Class & Sound Bath

It was truly a special class Having the hammock lower to the ground was so inviting giving me opportunities to fully enjoy the softness and strength of the hammock. I felt being held by the hammock safely and joyfully also being inspired by your beautiful guidance. Look forward to the next aerial Yin class. What a Treat! – Illa J

Our live soundbath and aerial restorative evening is a fabulous opportunity to experience the support a hammock can offer you so you can enjoy delightful deep stretches and slow luscious releases.

The low hanging hammock guides you to an innate sense of wellbeing that runs deep. Past participants report how deeply calm and at peace they felt from the session.

Sound healer Toonie uses a wide choice of instruments to bring more layers to your floating experience. Book now for this unique experience.

With Facilitators: Christina & Toonie

$70 Non-Members | $60 Members
WHEN: Friday, June 21 (6:30pm – 8:00pm)

The Aerial hammock held my body in a loving supportive way. Time flowed by as we moved slowly and methodically through active meditative supportive Yin poses. Feels so good to appreciate and love our bodies in a nurturing way. Thank you Christina for many wonderful cocoon moments at Transform that enriches us with love and the joy of movement ❤️ – Louise B