‘If your practice gives you a sense of expansion and joy, then it’s the right practice for you.’

Internationally renowned teacher and bestselling author Christina Brown has been practising Yoga since 1989 and teaching for over two decades. After her first Yoga teacher training in 1995, she completed her Pilates teacher certification in 1999, and in 2013 Christina obtained her BootyBarre® certification and adores teaching these energetic and life enhancing classes too!

Christina is the author of several books on yoga and natural health including The Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Postures, which has sold millions through the English world and more in a dozen foreign translations.

Christina trains the new generation of teachers with her teacher training programs.

Retreats led by Christina have been voted ‘Best in NSW’ and she is often a contributor to the Ask the Expert column in Australian Yoga Journal magazine.

Christina delights in tailoring the practice to suit the needs and ability of each student. Her students love her expert adjustments for postural correction and the chance to squeeze more juice out of the poses.


Elaine is a German trained physiotherapist who believes that everyone can achieve their highest goals by getting to know, reconnecting and strengthening their body, mind and soul through Pilates. Her Pilates classes are well known for the great diversity of exercises and a good balance between strengthening and stretching every muscle of your body. With her background in physiotherapy, sports science and teaching many different classes, Elaine has taught everyone from expectant mums to athletes. As such she has a great awareness for her clients and loves tailoring the classes to exactly what her students want and need.

Elaine finds her own balance between fast, energetic team sports and her unwinding time on the Yoga mat and on the beach.

“ There is no better reward than a smile from someone who is achieving their goals by getting fitter, stronger, healthier and happier with the place they are living in, the own body.”


Clare has always loved dance, yoga and gymnastics. On her first try, she immediately fell in love with her Barre workouts which she finds incorporates all facets of physical fitness: strength, cardio and flexibility. It’s a fun high-energy workout concept that’s unique and addictive.

Clare has represented Australia in gymnastics and enjoyed many years of dance training. Clare believes exercise should be something you are passionate about. Today her weekly training consists of surfing, Booty Barre, and Yoga.

Clare has a degree in Human Movement and Health Education from The University of Sydney and has been teaching since 2000. Her career focus has always been Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.


Sarah has many years teaching experience as a qualified Ashtanga Flow teacher, and certified Yin Yoga teacher. She has also completed another training close to her heart – the 100hr LifeForce Yoga® (Yoga for depression, anxiety and trauma). Sarah’s students love her calming manner. They appreciate the clarity of her instruction and the way she can mix higher energy with slower focussed moves.



What I love about Pilates is that it’s all encompassing – for strength, flexibility and mobility and for longevity.  At any age, at any level, you can never have too much Pilates!

With a passion for health, fitness and creating a nurturing community environment which is uplifting at all levels, more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Wendy motivates and inspires her audiences with positive ‘can do’ messages. In addition, Wendy has won acclaim as a Ms Fitness International! Wendy believes she has the secret to improving personal performance. It’s actually really simple… just come to her class!


Kylie was drawn to yoga after undergoing some big life changes (leaving the corporate world and becoming a mother for a start!). She decided that is was time to lose some weight and have a break from the baby – and it was one of the best decisions she has ever made. The benefits of yoga were huge: not only did she discover the many positive physical effects, but she felt a vast improvement in her emotional wellbeing. And so her love affair with yoga began. Kylie became a qualified teacher through a 350 hour teacher training. Kylie’s passion in yoga remains with gentle, restorative type classes as they are the perfect types of classes to aid in emotional releasing, and therefore she works strongly with breath work, visualisations and, being a professional singer, she sings throughout her classes. They are magic! Words cannot describe the beauty of having live vocals throughout a class…. experiencing this for yourself is the only way! “Kylie is the best restorative yoga teacher I have ever come across” – Carolina “Her classes take you to another place” – Kate


With a background in dance and love of fitness, Sam embraced her first intro to barre from her very first class.  Sam completed her barre teacher training in 2015. She loves how barre classes allow your body to greet every muscle, and how they incorporate that winning combination of cardio, strength, flexibility & toning. Because it’s such a balanced all over body workout Sam loves how you come out feeling you’ve done a solid job & know the results are imminent.

“Any form of exercise, especially Booty Barre puts me in my happy place and I want to share those endorphins when teaching”


“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.”

Lauren Falconer has been teaching flowing Hatha yoga for the past 12 years. Lauren’s classes are beautifully sequenced with flowing movements in and out of postures, working to develop core strength, balance and flexibility. Focusing on conscious breath awareness throughout the class & always connecting back to your inner wisdom and guidance. Lauren loves to encourage her students to practice according to how they feel, with the intention to serve themselves physically, mentally & emotionally. Lauren has taught excellent mum and bubs classes for many years and is a passionate pre and postnatal specialist, birth educator, spiritual mentor & doula. She is the founder of The LifePod and Spirit Birth. Lauren completed her an Advanced Diploma of Health and Yoga over 4 years at Nature Care College under the guidance of Mark Breadner and many other internationally renowned teachers.  


Nikki is a Hatha Yoga Teacher with more than 20 year’s experience. While seeking to establish & maintain balance between the demands of a stressful corporate career, family and self, yoga became her lifeline and then her passion. Besides her 420hr Diploma of Yoga, her kids and teens Yoga teaching qualifications, Nikki has completed her Level 2 qualification in Yoga Therapy and specialises in one-on-one private yoga therapy sessions as well as group classes. Nikki loves to inspire her students by helping them to take the tools of yoga off the mat and use them to bring peace and balance anywhere, anytime.

Cristina A

With her calming and gentle nature Cristina’s yoga sessions leave you feeling hugged and cared for. She creates a holistic experience and caters for all levels of yoga with ease and grace, from the beginner to advanced.

As a qualified 500h Hatha yoga teacher, Cristina’s journey through yoga started 13 years ago. Cristina’s teaching is inspired by this quote by Judith Lasater,

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down”

Noticing how yoga practice has offered emotional balance, physical freedom and a deeper sense of peace in her own life, Cristina feels passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga.

Cristina’s teaching style is accessible and nourishing. In class, she invites students into a journey of self-discovery, working with seasonal elements and the subtle energies to access deeper levels of freedom in the physical and emotional bodies. By increasing body awareness and focusing on the breath-movement connection Cristina’s classes are a wonderful physical experience and an opportunity for deeper inner connection.



“Anyone can do barre, not just someone from a dance background – you just have to love moving to music, and the exercise will follow.”
Lissa has lived and breathed dance and fitness from the age of three when she began formal dance classes. She has achieved her Associates diploma in ISTD modern, and Advanced 1 in RAD. Lissa studied dance full time at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, and is currently undertaking through a Bachelor of Education majoring in English and Dance at Macquarie University.
Lissa completed her Barre training in  2014. Besides her barre classes, she teaches contemporary dance to teenagers and began to improve their fitness by teaching them Barre basics.  Since she hasn’t stopped grooving to music from the age of 3, Lissa has no plans to stop anytime soon!


Sophie completed her initial Pilates instructor certification through Studio Pilates in London. Her teaching fuses elements of traditional Pilates with functional-full body fitness. She focuses on building up the burn with total body conditioning whilst taking the time to get the correct alignment and building core strength. Sophie ensures that there is balance in her classes so her students spend time in each class focusing on the core, glutes and inner thighs, without neglecting the hamstring, back body, shoulder and thoracic health.

Sophie is also a Yoga Teacher, and received her diploma at the beautiful Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay. Her passion for Yoga has transformed over the years from a focus on to asanas (postures) into the breath, meditation and the philosophy. Sophie aims to help her students find that good balance between building up a burn, allowing space to breathe and finding correct alignment to emerge refreshed and calm.

Sam F

Samantha believes fun and safe exercise is the best way to keep yourself healthy and happy!

Samantha is an ex-gymnast, competing at an elite level from the age of 6 for over a decade. At 15 Sam had a severe lower back injury which became permanent at 17. This led her to take up Pilates to build core strength and protect her back and that is how she became an early adopter of barre classes in 2012. Sam fell in love with barre classes as she found it met her needs as a vibrant way to exercise which also took care of her back and meant she well and truly found her exercise mojo again! Now, with over 5 years experience with Pilates and barre, Sam is delighted combine her passions for people, fun, learning and development and barre in her fun classes which are fuelled with positivity.


Simone is a highly experienced Yoga practitioner who has devoted the past 20 years to expanding her skills and knowledge of this ancient practice. She has always delved into understanding the physiology and philosophy necessary to support her students on their journeys.

As a fully qualified Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher, often drawing from each of these various styles Simone creates unique and highly effective classes. Passionate in sharing her love of Yoga, Simone offers a range of well structured and creative classes to suit all life stages and abilities, delivered with genuine warmth and humour. Simone’s classes are designed to strengthen and nurture and take students beyond the purely physical aspects of yoga, to deepen their inner awareness and the intimacy with breath to create the space for life of more ease and simplicity.

‘Yoga inspires me each and every day. Reminding me of the grace and gratitude as the foundation to live an inspired and aware life. To Yoga I am most humbly grateful’.


Vincci was inspired to become a Prenatal yoga teacher as she was fortunate enough to experience the benefits during her pregnancy that gave her the strength and tools she needed for a calm and positive birthing experience.

‘As the saying goes – knowledge is power and I want to empower mums in this wonderful experience dispelling any fears and misconceptions around pregnancy and birthing. The journey to motherhood is so special and it is a privilege to be able to provide a nurturing and safe environment for mums to have some ‘me time’ to honour their body and baby.’

Vincci began yoga at the age of 18 initially to reduce her chronic back pain and from there it evolved as it developed her mental and emotional strength and helped her find a sense of calm from her demanding job. Vincci’s love of yoga led to the decision to leave her 9 -5 career and complete a year-long teacher training course, followed by additional studies with Donna Farhi, Leslie Kaminoff, Roger Cole and, for prenatal yoga, Ana Davis.

When she’s not on the mat you’ll find her running after her toddler Emelia or cooking up a new recipe in the kitchen. Cooking has always been Vincci’s other passion as she finds it therapeutic and mindfulness practice. She also loves being outdoors whether it’s going for a walk by the beach or camping with her family.

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