Christina Brown

Internationally renowned teacher, teacher trainer and bestselling author Christina Brown teaches yoga, Pilates, barre and aerial classes. She is the author of 6 books on fitness and health. Christina created Transform as a sanctuary for people to positively shape their lives, to be nourished with love and support, to encourage them to step up where they can, or to be able to lay their hearts down to rest when they need. Each visit reminds a guest at Transform of their infinite potential and shines a light on how beautiful they are.

Christina has been practising Yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1996.

Since her first Yoga teacher trainings in 1995 and ‘96, she completed her Pilates teacher certification in 1999. In 2013 Christina obtained her Barre certification and went on to gain her aerial teaching certification. Christina adores teaching this variety of classes as it feels her creative spirit and she knows how good it is for body and soul for us to experience difference tastes and flavours in movement. Christina delights in tailoring her classes to suit the needs and ability of each student. Her students love her expert adjustments for postural correction and the chance to squeeze more juice out of their experience. Her students say her classes are both ‘like physiotherapy’ and ‘like having a day in a day spa’.

Christina has authored many books. The Classic Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Postures, became a classic reference for those who appreciate quality yoga. It has been constantly in print for the past 20 years. It has sold millions and is available in more in a dozen foreign languages. Tracking the evolution of yoga in modern times, Christina wrote a companion volume, The Modern Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Today. Published in 2017, this book has already been translated several times since.

Christina ran yoga teacher training courses for many years and yoga retreats led by Christina have been voted ‘Best in NSW’.

Christina is the founder and director of Transform where her classes are curated with love and her aim for each visitor is for them to appreciate their own good efforts and delight in their inner beauty. Transform has become a space where great friendships form, and that feels like a sanctuary should the outer world feel harsh.

Christina sees each person as perfect already and understands that sometimes their busy lives get in the way of clearly experiencing that feeling. Every class she teaches is an opportunity for each participant to experience that awe-inspiring sense of connection. It is this connection that will soothe your heart into peace and allow you to greet the world with wonder and joy.

‘If your practices give you a sense of expansion and joy, then they are the right practices for you.’


Petra Kennis owned her own Pilates and yoga studio in the Netherlands for many years. Then love struck when she and her husband visited Australia on a holiday. They fell in love with the country and people and decided to move their family to Sydney’s Northern Beaches where they have happily settled.

Petra has a unique skillset. She is phenomenal at reading bodies and she appreciates the individuality in each person. From this connection, her students deeply feel her support and love. Petra’s positivity floats around her and we are sure each of her lucky students will enjoy the experience and respect she feels as they get stronger and more supple. 

Petra’s personal life motto is to embrace life, take it the way it comes and make the best of it!  

“My aim is to make people feel good about themselves and their bodies. I coach in a positive, challenging way but always with kindness. My workouts are intended to make you feel good, strong & happy”  


Elaine is a German trained physiotherapist. She believes that everyone can achieve their highest goals by getting to know, reconnecting, and strengthening their body, mind, and soul through Pilates. Her Pilates classes are well known for the great diversity of exercises. And there exists a good balance between strengthening and stretching every muscle of your body. With her background in physiotherapy, sports science, and teaching different classes, Elaine has taught everyone. From expectant mums to athletes. As such, she has a great awareness for her clients and loves tailoring the classes to exactly what her students want and need.

Elaine finds her own balance between fast, energetic team sports and her unwinding time on the Yoga mat.

“ There is no better reward than a smile from someone who is achieving their goals by getting fitter, stronger, healthier and happier with the place they are living in. Their own body.”


A life long meditator and yogini since 14 years of age, yoga has supported me through various life adventures and challenges, and I decided to become a yoga teacher to share the transformative richness yoga offers.

I completed my first 2 year teacher training at Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2014, Where I studied, in the Iyengar style, restorative, pregnancy, women’s, and therapeutic yoga. In 2018 I completed my Yoga Therapist qualification through Enlightened Events in Sydney. I am currently training to be a children’s yoga teacher. Yoga has beautifully brought together my various qualifications and skills gathered over the past 25 years in mind-body health and wellness.

I teach students to approach their yoga with gentle curiosity and compassionate self observation. My classes focus on alignment and core strength from the inside out, to light up your central nervous system and create more calm and confidence, solidity and centring.

I believe yoga really helps us answer the question “what is a good way to lead my life?”

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” ― T.K.V. Desikachar


If you want to feel stronger, more flexible, fitter and increase your energy levels, then you must meet, Wendy Smith, Former Miss Fitness International!

Wendy has worked in Health and Fitness for over 15years. She is STOTT, Polestar and Fitness Australia Pilates Certified. Wendy is passionate about Pilates and is continually updating her qualifications (currently exercise physiology) to better serve her students.

Aside from her professional expertise, one of the reasons Wendy’s students love her so much is that they get enthused her positive and winning attitude to life.

Wendy has a caring, vibrant attitude. You will always feel 100% supported every step of the way with safe and manageable options she can offer through the class. Besides continually inspiring her students and helping them achieve their personal health goals, Wendy presents and appears online in print, on television, radio appearances and at major corporate events.



“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.”

Lauren Falconer has been teaching flowing Hatha yoga for the past 12 years. Lauren’s classes are beautifully sequenced with flowing movements in and out of postures. They work to develop core strength, balance and flexibility. Focusing on conscious breath awareness throughout the class. Always connecting back to your inner wisdom and guidance.

Lauren loves to encourage her students to practice according to how they feel, with the intention to serve themselves physically, mentally & emotionally. Lauren has taught excellent mum and bubs classes for many years and is a passionate pre and postnatal specialist. She is also a birth educator, spiritual mentor, and doula. She is the founder of The LifePod and Spirit Birth. Lauren completed her Advanced Diploma of Health and Yoga at Nature Care College under the guidance of Mark Breadner (and many other internationally renowned teachers).

Cristina A

With her calming and gentle nature, Cristina’s yoga sessions leave you feeling hugged and cared for. She creates a holistic experience and caters for all levels of yoga with ease and grace, from the beginner to advanced.

As a qualified 500h Hatha yoga teacher, Cristina’s journey through yoga started 13 years ago. Cristina’s teaching is inspired by this quote by Judith Lasater:

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down”

Noticing how yoga practice has offered emotional balance, physical freedom, and a deeper sense of peace in her own life, Cristina feels passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga.

Cristina’s teaching style is accessible and nourishing. In class, she invites students into a journey of self-discovery. She works with seasonal elements and the subtle energies to access deeper levels of freedom in the physical and emotional bodies. Cristina’s classes increase body awareness and focus on the breath-movement connection. They are a wonderful physical experience and an opportunity for deeper inner connection.



“Anyone can do barre, not just someone from a dance background – you just have to love moving to music, and the exercise will follow.”
Lissa has lived and breathed dance and fitness from the age of three when she began formal dance classes. She has achieved her Associates diploma in ISTD modern, and Advanced 1 in RAD. Lissa studied dance full time at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Education majoring in English and Dance at Macquarie University.
Lissa completed her Barre training in 2014. Besides her barre classes, she teaches contemporary dance to teenagers and began to improve their fitness by teaching them Barre basics.  Since she hasn’t stopped grooving to music from the age of 3, Lissa has no plans to stop anytime soon!


Kara loves how good barre classes make you feel…energised, stretched and strengthened. She creates a feel-good environment in her barre classes and loves to help all her students find their inner groove. Although she is a Dance professional, Kara knows you don’t need to be a dance expert to benefit from barre class.

With a Bachelor of Dance and as a full time barre, cardio pilates, ballet, lyrical and contemporary dance teacher and performer, Kara has always had a love for movement. She began her dance training at 4 years of age! It was during her full time dance training that Kara developed an interest in Pilates. Barre classes were a natural extension of that as Kara found they brought more co-ordination and ease not only to her dancing but everyday life. Kara teaches Sunday Cardio Pilates.

“Health is a free flow of energy through the body and the mind.” 

Lili S

Lili completed her aerial teacher training in 2016 and also completed a one year mentorship, living and breathing and often spending five hours a day in the hammock!

Lili is great at teaching multi level classes.  ‘I love seeing how happy beginners get when they achieve something they thought they couldn’t do. I love teaching experienced students because they always have that opportunity to grow.’

Lili understands the benefits of aerial continue on and on. She sees aerial as a journey of consistence growth, developing for strength and flexibility that is always ongoing.

‘There’s just something about being upside down, being free to fly that makes people feel centred and happy inside.’

Tamila M

Tamila’s background as a competitive athlete means she understood early the wonderful benefits of of body strengthening using the gentle, manageable and effective method of Pilates. Tamila also appreciates from first hand experience the value of Pilates for rehabilitation as she has needed it in order to recover from many injuries she acquired throughout her sports journey.

“What I love most about teaching is the deep interaction I get from my students and the amazing feedback given by them about how they feel healthier and lighter bodies after my sessions.”

Tamila was a professional Sandboarder (like snowboarding but sliding in sand dunes) and was Brazilian Champion and came second place in the world competing back in 2005.

Tamila came to Australia in 2010 aiming to work for the World Cup and  the plans changed when she fell in love with the Manly lifestyle. She decided to get a diploma in Sports Management and also became a Pilates Instructor qualifying through NeoPilates which combines mat pilates, functional training and even has circus activities options.

Tamila finds her balance through her Pilates practice and her time in the ocean which is her happy place.

“I believe that a happy human is the one who understands the importance of feeding the soul, the body and the spirit, and who finds a way to do this in their most authentic and healthiest way.”

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