Finally Reformer Classes are here!

Like a bride awaiting her wedding, everything has slipped into place and we’ve arrived! There was lots of prep and thank you everyone for your understanding as we rejigged the schedule to fit it all in.

We are all pleased to be able to bring this to you all. And so happy to be your ONE STOP SHOP offering so many different classes and ways to work with CARDIO, STRETCH, STRENGTH, and to FLY.

While your reformer bed might appear intimidating, it’s not really. Once you know you can alter the spring resistance to SUIT YOUR LEVEL it takes that mental pressure off.

The Transform studio vibe is non- competitive and ENCOURAGING  – So you’ll SMILE as your form moves over time from beginner to advanced.

It’s really worth trying out. The movements are DYNAMIC, CHALLENGING and DIVERSE. 

You’ll build muscle definition, BALANCE and stability. At the same time you’ll become more flexible and notice how the movements bring a sense of FREEDOM IN YOUR BODY. Each class will give you a full body workout.

So, Are you ready to come on a NEW ADVENTURE?

To feel the purity in your POWER?

To enjoy innate ELEGANCE of the gliding moves?

To luxuriate in your AGILITY?

So your whole body will SMILE! 😊

Join us for an exhilarating ride. Here is where to book.