Our mission of getting everyone to DELIGHT IN MOVEMENT sure has a lot of movement at the moment. Lots of you are (finally!!) heading off on big trips. There’s a real thrill at finally being able to see far off loved ones. Depending on what you’ve got going on, it’s probably a busy time for you, with that blend of EOFY, end of school term, weekends crammed with Winter sports, and leaving things tidy while prepping for time away.

At these busy times we can let our self care practices slip when we most need them.  Let’s all redouble our efforts to SHOW OUR LOVE FOR OURSELVES by backing it with healthful movement.

Movement is a KEY PILLAR OF HEALTH. Remember, movement for your body is just like those water soluble vitamins for your health. Your body doesn’t store them so you need to TOP THEM UP regularly.   Even getting a quick lunch walk in will help lubricate your joints and get your circulation moving, not to mention BOOST YOUR MOOD.

If you are away, do request your FREE ACCESS to our online library.  This will give you live stream access so you can join in live from afar. But it also gives you masses of pre-recorded classes, with all your favourite teachers.  Simply email Laiza ([email protected])  and she will be delighted to set you up.

Happy moving everyone,