We are excited to let you know that twice a week we are featuring Yin + Sound Cloud classes which finish with a healing crystal bowl sound bath:

✨ Yin + Sound Thursdays 6pm ✨

✨ Yin + Sound Sundays 4pm ✨

Yin Yoga Fridays 12.15pm


The crystal bowls products sound wave vibrations that POSITIVELY ALTER your brain waves so your mind and body can relax more deeply. Each immersive, FULL BODY LISTENING EXPERIENCE helps down regulate the nervous system and provides SPACE for physical, mental and emotional HEALING. As the nervous system recalibrates, you can open to expansive BLISSFUL experiences.


Whatever your life situation, most likely you’ll benefit from supportive, floor based yin stretches. Yin yoga is a wonderful COUNTERBALANCE to a physically demanding life, and assists those who are busy, hardworking or feeling the effects of stress.

Yin yoga UPLIFTS anyone who is feeling tired, weak, convalescent or carrying chronic disease.

Yin also works really well if you train a lot, are strong and fit but need a deep stretch to keep your muscles long, posture in balance and your body running SMOOTHLY.

The slow yin postures allow you to really switch off. The postures seduce you into a true wind down, and our yin participants report feel wonderfully CALM, ‘ZEN’ yet ENERGISED after class – this effect can last for days.

Our Yin Yoga + Sound classes close with a sound immersive experience. They are truly a boon to keeping your life in BALANCE.

I hope you can come along soon and find out how wonderful our yin and sound classes feel,

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