Step into a realm where beauty meets serenity, where harmony and melody intertwine to elevate your senses. We’re thrilled to announce Kylie’s Yin + Live Concert, a transcendent experience designed to bring beauty into your life in the most wholesome way.

Picture this: a tranquil setting, soft candlelight flickering, and the gentle strains of live music filling the air. As you settle into your Yin yoga practice guided by expert instructors, allow yourself to unwind and connect with the present moment. Feel the tension melt away as you sink deeper into each pose, embracing the peace within.

This isn’t just a concert; it’s a journey—a journey towards inner peace, self-discovery, and profound beauty. Treat yourself to an experience that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

Book your spot at Kylie’s Yin + Live Concert today and embark on a path to holistic well-being. (SPACES ARE LIMITED)

$75 Non-Members | $65 Members

WHEN: Saturday, May 4
TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm