Transform is excited to host:

Experience the power of sound yoga to uplift our hearts and connect us with our true nature with

CALM a busy mind and TRANSFORM stress into a state of relaxation and inner peace with this joyful music, mantra & meditation practice.

Experience the JOYFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE POWER of kirtan, a simple and engaging sound yoga practice that incorporates mantra, music and meditation to awaken and UPLIFT the heart and bring PEACE to the soul.

Singing mantra together is a joyful and accessible way to feel GRATITUDE for life.

This potent bhakti yoga practice helps us to feel the CONNECTION with our emotions, transform ENERGY and OFFER our prayers and intentions to the world at large.

The evening will conclude with a deeply soothing and integrating SOUND BATH incorporating the celestial sound of the

Alchemy Crystal Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Hand pan and

Sound Samadhi kirtan group have been serving the community in the Northern Beaches since 2011 sharing their love of kirtan.

When: Saturday, 24 Feb
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm

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