Save on Unlimited Health during April

Save on Unlimited Health during April

Get two weeks of unlimited classes for FREE!! As we slink into Autumn it can feel more tempting to slouch up in front of the tv rather than getting out to class. So let’s help you tone, slim, de-stress, burn and bliss!

Intelligent Yoga for Women Workshop

Intelligent Yoga for Women Workshop

The one day Yoga for Women workshop experience will take you on an exploration of the seasons of the menstrual cycle and introduce you to an intelligent yoga practice.

Reminder This Sunday  Restorative Yoga  – Book now!

This is your last chance this year to soothe your soul at our chill out monthly class.  We start at 4pm for an hour of supported yoga postures where you will rest and re-energise while draped in yoga poses over bolsters, blankets, and foam bricks and even chairs. Then...

New! Active Seniors & Gentle Yoga

a fantastic class for those of all ages who require gentle yoga or for those who want enjoy quality of health in their more advanced years.

Each Active Seniors class features a

Yogi Valentine Partner Class

In the spirit of Valentines Day, join us to discover how partner yoga brings people together. The interdependent partnerships in pairs yoga allow for really great stretching and improved strengthening. You will experience better balances, wow backbends and super strong abs. We’ll work legs, shoulders, arms, and find the chill out bit of the brain. Partner yoga will elevate your conscious breathing. And, did we mention, it’s FUN!!!

Saturday Morning Buzz

Come see what the buzz is about! We are also delighted to welcome Jackie who join us on Saturday mornings. Jackie is the kind of teacher that gets (unsolicited) fan mail