Starting Thursdays from May 8, a fantastic class for those of all ages who require gentle yoga or for those who want enjoy quality of health in their more advanced years.

Each Active Seniors class features a balance of gentle strength and toning work for whole body, particularly the back and core body; some supported passive stretching. Yoga postures are modified as necessary using props such as chairs, blankets, bolsters and more.  These props take pressure off any vulnerable or injured areas and also to assist in finding length and freedom in poses.
Each class includes a refreshing section of work focussed on the breath and relaxation and meditation

‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga!’
The class is suitable for all ages and abilities with modifications offered to suit the individual. Drop in or use your class pass. 9.30-10.45am Thursdays from 1st May.  All welcome and no experience required. Book yourself in here.