Essential Knowledge for Every Woman

This one day experience will take you on an exploration of the seasons of the menstrual cycle and introduce you to an intelligent yoga practice, which you can adapt to where you are in your own inner journey.

It will help you to connect to the origins of your own vitality, your cycle and your inner wisdom. You will discover yoga practices that are nourishing and inspiring, practices good for each stage in your cycle that you can continue to practice at home.

Led by Dr Andrea Binks, an experienced UK trained yoga teacher and specialist at Wollongong Hospital, this workshop is for:

  • Younger women who want to regulate their cycle
  • Any woman who wants practices to help deal with pain, manage PMT, and optimise fertility.
  • Women who want to learn how to alter their yoga practice according to their monthly cycle
  • Women wanting to optimise fertility
  • Women negotiating perimenopause
  • Menopausal women who want to discover new possibilities
  • Yoga teachers who work with women

Intelligent Yoga for Women Workshop
 Sunday 13 Sept 2015
Time: 10.30am to 4.30pm (with lunch break)
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