We are delighted to introduce you to  Katrina Heptonstall a skilled therapist with decades of experience at helping people transform their lives. Katrina’s style of therapy combines the most effective treatment types known in psychology. However she has another secret weapon that brings powerful results: IST (Inner Space Techniques) a unique blend of psychotherapy and meditation that gets the thinking mind out of the way to really get to the heart of problems. Insight and healing takes place at such a depth that standard counselling and psychological analysis cannot reach. Katrina’s 20+ years of meditation; her own personal transformation; not to mention a counselling degree and a Masters of Social Work; and years of counselling in addiction, grief, mental health, relationships and trauma, ensures you’re in professional, supportive hands. She brings her care, experience and vision on her clients’ journey to resolution, healing and wholeness.

To celebrate Katrina joining the Transform Clinic, she is offering an introductory rate of $80 for a 1hr counselling session or get half an hour free on IST sessions so you pay just $100 for the full 1.5 hr IST session. These offers are available only until July 15th.  Call her on 0404 506 507 or email her to book. Visit Katrina’s Website.