The focus for Term 3 Teen Yoga is to equip teens the tools of mindfulness to use both inside and outside the classroom.

Our classes give teens a completely transportable tool in their back pocket to better cope with the everyday stress of life, school and social media.

Yoga corrects posture, helps physiological development, settles hormones and enhances good breathing so teens can find relaxation and focus – Great for taking tests, dealing with anxiety or problems with friends. Our teen yoga lessons are fun and creative. Students report feeling a greater sense of love and kindness towards themselves and others.

Krystle cleverly weaves the five elements and their energies through her classes. For term 3, Winter is a particularly potent time of the cycle where we are given the opportunity to surrender and find solitude. Through meditation Krystle will help students peel back the layers and dig deeper into each individual to search for greater meaning and purpose. Winter is a perfect time to get back in touch with the creative side within us too.

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