This workshop provides an opportunity to understand our cyclic nature as women.

It unlocks many of the answers to WHY we feel certain ways at certain times.

It will give you knowledge and practical ways to connect with your natural rhythms, and use your cyclic nature to your advantage.

Learn about:

+ The ‘life seasons’- that we all move through.

+ The rites of passage as women and how we can honour and acknowledge them

+ Learn about the lunar cycle and the earth’s seasons and how this  intimately affects us.

+ Discover the sacred menstrual cycle, the menopausal cycle… and how this impacts our bodies, minds and hearts.

+ Discover why the moon cycles connects intimately with how you feel and what could best serve you at different times of the month. (Formally known as MOONTHS)

This workshop is a revelation on so many levels.

It will help you to understand yourself, nature, and how we are all intimately connected.

This is ancient wisdom that women have shared forever.

It is grounding, humbling and inspiring to weave this knowledge into your every day life.

It is a remembering.

Expect to be welcomed into our warm space.

We will sit in circle, enjoy a grounding relaxation, share, receive, sip on tea and enjoy the wisdom of woman’s mysteries.

Date : Aug 25th

Time: 2-4pm

$40 (10% of for members)

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