We’ve launched our new bodyART classes with a bang.  Here’s what they have to say about it!

I liked the class a lot, have booked in for the rest of term and wouldn’t like anything to change. I felt it most in my thighs, upper arms and also in my lower and upper back. I like how the class builds up and then slows down again towards the end. A really nice flow, which keeps my mind busy enough not to think about anything else.”
– Petra

“Been dying to tell u how much I love body art! Was hoping we could get some more classes on the timetable. I definitely find it a challenging class both aerobically and strength wise which is great! Arms, shoulders and thighs. Last week the muscles down the sides of my spine were really sore too. I like feeling like I’ve done something tho! Love the music, love the teacher Clare.”

Love it thank u!
-Caz   X

I really enjoyed it! I like that it had a lot of cardio, as well as strength and balanced involved. I felt like it was a very all-round great workout!  I was sore, but in a good way!  The deepwork was tiring, but it was really great! I find myself struggling to get myself to do hard cardio workouts, but in this class it made me actually want to do it.”

Many thanks! 🙂