Contentedly Content

I am ashamed to say, the first time I experienced a long lived experience of contentment was a full 10 years after starting yoga. From the start, Yoga made me feel good and I always enjoyed the rush and peace that came with the physical yoga practice. But it never felt like it lasted long enough. And so around the age of 30

Spring Clean, Squeaky Clean

I confess. I have never had a proper toy clean out. Kids grow up and move on to new toy passions and a build up of old stuff just gets stuffed into chests and cupboards. And as the house fills with bits and pieces of toy paraphernalia crunching

Finding Your True North

While blowing warm air on my toddlers icy feet the other wintry morning, I asked my 4 year old if she knew where her heels where. ‘Yes’, she replied easily, ‘They’re near my socks.’