Cardio Pilates Classes is a fusion of dance, pilates and yoga performed to the beat of the music. It offers a true foundation of Pilates accompanied by uplifting top 40 dance tracks.  The moves are performed both standing and on the floor and the props challenge your balance, build strength and enhance suppleness.

In each class you’ll use bands, weights or balls to emphasise control of your body, challenge body awareness and help you perform the exercises correctly.  You’ll experience a great mind-body connection as you strive to move with precision. And you’ll love how your new-found strength helps you move with elegance and ease.

 Cardio Pilates will give you strength, balance, power and flexibility. It offers low impact cardio moves to elevate your heart and your soul! It’s a total body workout!

We are launching with 4 classes per week to suit all schedules. Click here to book your first class.