The buzz after class yesterday was lovely. Then a participant said of the bodyART class, ‘It’s got everything’, and the other glowing students nodded in agreement.  And it really does. It’s got strength. It’s got suppleness. It’s got slinkiness. It’s got free flow energy raising yum. It’s got bliss out reverie at the end. It’s even got abs! So if you haven’t tried a class yet, get on down. We have three sessions per week.  Here’s where to book and here’s some more feedback:

“I love it! During the first class my body had to learn a few new ways of moving. By the second class I really relaxed into it and I really got it. It felt like so much FUN.”  -Nina

“I thought the class was great fun. I really enjoyed the opportunity to build on any given move. I really enjoy high intensity activity so I relished the chance to take some of the moves to that high intensity level and push my body.  From a structure point of view I thought it was a great whole body workout and it was structured so many body areas were addressed. For me it actually felt like he class went for about 1.5 hours that is how much we covered. But at no point did it feel rushed. I felt great afterwards and the following days. It was energising.”  -Anneke