We held sneak preview champagne aerial classes for our members last week. I think it wasn’t just the bubbles talking when I say…. they loved it!! We launch with five classes a week from October 17th. (Click ahead through the online timetable now for class times!)

We stretched, we strengthened, we balanced, then we blissed in our cocoons of floaty silk.

I know many of our visitors did feel trepidation – let’s face it, it’s a challenge to front up when you really don’t know what to expect. But sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there to get those boundaries expanded. To put your mind at rest, here are some of the comments from our special guests,

“An exhilarating full body workout for all levels of strength and flexibility.” – Erin, North Balgowlah


“Like with all the classes, the teachers were so supportive and bought out the best in me. That was the most amazing experience! I can’t believe I was able to go upside down!”  – Jane, Seafort


“I was feeling a little apprehensive… thinking maybe I’m too old for this but it was exactly the opposite… If you’re an older yoga or Pilates student then came along and feel the lightness, increased blood flow and relaxation.” – Rosie, Northbridge


“It’s just like being in a flotation tank or like laying in a cloud. Sooo lovely.” – Sam, Seaforth

“Being very nervous beforehand, it was a pleasant surprise! Hanging upside down wasn’t not frightening or uncomfortable. Made me feel like I was in the circus! Forgot to be worried very soon into class. It was all too enjoyable and engaging.” – Lani, Fairlight

“I love the strength aspect of the class and the fun/challenging elements that mixes up the norm and the usual ways of exercising.” – Emma, Potts Point

After the class, we celebrated, and climbed into the hammocks and played.