by our Bootcamp Man Graham  Skilleter
Exercise is effective for increasing muscle at all ages and fortunately muscle loss is reversible. It is essential for everyone to engage in regular resistance training.
1.Rebuilding muscle. Even short programs of resistance exercise (20-40 mins, 2-3 days a week) can rebuild muscle tissue in 3-4 months.
2.Recharging metabolism. Resistance training increases energy use during both the exercise session, and the post exercise/recovery phase.
3.Reducing fat. Most people accumulate fat as they age, even if their eating patterns remain the same as muscle is lost, and metabolism slows. Generally an increase in muscle tissue with strength training corresponds with a decrease in fat.
4.Reducing resting blood pressure. Significant reductions in resting blood pressure results after two months of resistance training.
5.Improving blood lipid profiles. Regular strength training results in increased HDL (good) cholesterol, decreases in LDL (bad) cholesterol, and favorable reductions in triglycerides.
6.Resisting diabetes. Insulin sensitivity improves after several weeks of strength training. People who have normal body weight and above average muscular fitness have a very low risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
7.Increasing bone density. Strength training increases bone mineral density in as little as 3 months. 8.Decreasing physical discomfort. People with lower-back pain can reduce discomfort by strengthening their lower-back muscles and increasing core strength. Resistance exercise is also helpful for people who have arthritis and fibromyalgia.
9.Enhancing mental health. Regular resistance exercise improves mood, feelings of wellbeing, symptoms of depression, increases energy, decreases fatigue, tension.

Strength is simply the ability to exert force. To hold two 7kg bag of groceries in each hand and walk to the car. To lift and carry your 15-20kg 3 year old child when they get tired. The ability to move furniture in your house when redecorating or cleaning. Unfortunately many of us are unable to do these day-to-day activities without getting tired, feeling back pain, or even sustaining a debilitating injury. SENSOMA Warrior strength coach Graham Skilleter stresses that we need strength to be able to do these activities effortlessly. “We shouldn’t have pain or low levels of energy on a daily basis. In fact strength training will help you avoid injury by teaching you the correct way to lift and move functionally, while at the same time increasing your energy levels.” Within 3 months you will feel stronger, look leaner and more radiant, you will have more energy, activities of daily living will become effortless. When your child asks can you pick them up you will smile instead of frown, running 100mtrs to a bus stop or train station, or even up 5 flights of stairs is a breeze, gone are the days of that constant back pain. Strength training has never been about getting big (that’s body building). Strength training with a qualified coach is all about teaching you how to use your body in the most effective way to minimise injury and maximise energy. Isn’t that what we all want!

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