Events at Transform Yoga Pilates Barre

New courses and workshops, special events and more!

Long Weekend Classes

We are open all long weekend with 10 classes scheduled. As with all our classes, we request you prebook in advance using our free app or through our website. Prior booking helps our teachers teach you better!

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Monday Public Holiday Aerial for You and Kids

A great launching point to get you flying fast!

This workshop will put the FUN into FUNdamentals as you experience all that aerial yoga has to offer. You will be guided into safe inversions, experience beautiful balances, and you will stretch and strengthen the body. After an aerial massage and a deep relaxation floating in the hammock, you will emerge warm, stretched, relaxed and happy, and you will feel accomplished!

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Deep Tissue Roll and Release

This workshop is a must for anyone who sits at a desk, drives a car, carries a baby, lugs too many grocery bags at once to save that extra trip from the car, runners, surfers- everyone really. When our bodies move in repetitive ranges of motion tension becomes embedded in our tissues. Most of the time we don’t even notice it is there because it’s been there for so long.

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Be Sure About Your Core

We’re offering the chance to experience Real-Time Biofeedback using Ultrasonography. Just book into our 9.30am Pilates class on Tuesday 5th June and stay back after class to watch on screen how your different layers of core muscles contract and relax as you work them. Using ultrasound, you get immediate feedback on how to activate your core and the best tension to hold the contraction.

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Tweens Yoga

This new class will Start Mondays or Tuesdays from 4-5pm! Get in touch TODAY if you have an 8-12 year old  interested in joining our class and getting those skills helpful to managing life, stress and study in a fun, creative and age appropriate way. Call Christina on  0402 970 020.

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TRANSFORM – Time to be Brutally Honest with Yourself.

Dear Friends, As 2018 opens with all it’s potential, I have an important (and maybe confronting) question for you… How was this past year for you … really?  Comparing 2017 to what you wanted for yourself, and being completely honest with yourself, Were you less...

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