Events at Transform Yoga Pilates Barre

New courses and workshops, special events and more!

Maximise the new year! Make 2019 different!

Did you know that by age 35 we are 95% run by our subconscious? Pretty much on autopilot? That leaves us with only 5% to consciously make different choices, change, fulfil our New Year Resolutions. Reserve your place for Sunday Feb 17th  if you would like to: Get simple practical tools for achieving your goals

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Urban retreat – March 6th

A life enhancing day to top yourself up. Join our fabulous community for this onsite retreat. You will: Enjoy a balancing yoga session and learn a special breathing technique to fill your tank and settle your soul.

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Kids and Carers Yoga

Here’s a fun and healthy activity for all ages! Everyone, both young and old, will have a wonderful experience as they become stronger and more supple together.

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Aerial Yoga Workshop

Teens and tweens will definitely love this Aerial Yoga drop off class we’ll be having this January. Your child will learn to fly high and experience beautiful balances that will stretch and strengthen the body.

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Groove with Great Posture

Start the 2019 right with a great posture! On February, one of our amazing teachers, Wendy Smith, is going to help you get that perfect posture you need as you groove into the new year.

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