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May the Force be with You

During our June 7 in-studio day retreat you will learn all about the five energies according to yogic physiology – and experience them in practice.If you consider our regular functioning, you’ll discover a predictable pattern.

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Summing It All Up – When your Life Becomes One Giant To Do List.

Last night at dinner we were talking with the kids about the importance of getting enough vegetables. I’d heard the magic number is five a day. Plus nutritionist Nikki Wood had mentioned to me 5 cups a day is the goal. So while we ate, we counted our daily intake and luckily, we hadn’t done too badly that day.

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Sound Cloud + Yin Yoga

Our last soundbath event (which was in the hammocks) sold out and had our guests in awe.  This May 24th event is an earthed experience where we will use the support of props to help clear energy meridians, release tight muscles and open to receiving love.

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James Morrison + Yoga

What a smooooth mix coming up at The Paddock Sessions Music Festival  in the lower Hunter Valley. You will see James Morrison and his 10-piece Motown Band perform, along with about 10 other bands through the afternoon and evening on Saturday 25th May. You can camp...

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Thanks for your soulfulness!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our very first Urban Retreat last week. We had a full house and enjoyed a day of food for the body (yoga, nourishing restorative aerial & healthy lunch) Mind (learning about yoga philosophy) soul (deep relaxations and breathwork).

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