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Thanks for your soulfulness!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our very first Urban Retreat last week. We had a full house and enjoyed a day of food for the body (yoga, nourishing restorative aerial & healthy lunch) Mind (learning about yoga philosophy) soul (deep relaxations and breathwork).

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Free Workshop. What is your pain telling you?

What is pain? It might seem like an easy question. The answer, however, depends on who you ask.Some say pain is a warning signal that something is damaged, but what about injury-free pain? Some say pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong…

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Sound Cloud Restorative Event

Let this healing bath of sound wash through you as your brain waves dip into delta and theta states over 90 minutes of slow stretches supported by silk. During this exquisite experience, with your hammock will be just a few inches from the floor, you will enjoy slow, deep, restful stretches and the support of every inch of you.

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Maximise the new year! Make 2019 different!

Did you know that by age 35 we are 95% run by our subconscious? Pretty much on autopilot? That leaves us with only 5% to consciously make different choices, change, fulfil our New Year Resolutions. Reserve your place for Sunday Feb 17th  if you would like to: Get simple practical tools for achieving your goals

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