Yin Yoga Restorative

Eliminate the build up from your life with this fantastic slow yoga experience with supportive, floor based stretches.

This style of yoga suits people from walks of life: too busy, too hardworking, too stressed, too weak, too tired. And if your life is basically in balance, yin helps keep it like that!

Yin also works really well if you train a lot, are strong and fit but need a deep stretch out to keep your muscles long, posture in balance and your body running smoothly.

The slow yin postures allow you to switch off. The poses will seduce you into a true wind down during the subsequent restorative yin postures. Yin reduces the residue from overdoing things and most people feel wonderfully calm, yet energised after class – this effect can last for days.

Yin is wonderful for anyone lower in energy reserves because it is a supportive floor based class that doesn’t suck up any energy to participate. This is why yin is terrific for breastfeeding mums, anyone who is a parent (!!), those recuperating from an illness or carrying a chronic disease, and anyone living with any stress, imbalance or overwork.

Each yin class ends with a longer guided relaxation where your cares can float off and you’ll experience expansive bliss.