Dear everyone,


To those few who felt the need to apologise for not seeing us online. Don’t! Live streaming is just not for every situation. Home schooling a kindy kid in a three bedroom apartment  is not going to be conducive to a live stream. And I know more than one of you had a pet squeeze you off your mat. And I know your co-residents figured to stay away when you are puffing it out in a circuit pant, but they seemed to take your calm and quiet openness in a yoga pose to you being fully approachable to any question that may have arisen. But it’s been delightful to feel your sighs of relief as you have come up our stairs. And our teachers are so ecstatic to see you and feel your wonderful energies contributing to our classes again.
We kept live streaming during our first two weeks of reopening and were checking in with our regulars who were still appearing as 2D. Happily, our locals are happy to be back in studio, and fully 3D and now we are back to being a mostly camera free haven. I must say it is nice for us to have the admin load off our little studio. (It takes three people to organise a livestream). Our teachers can make a few more jokes (there’s something about that need to be on ‘best behaviour’ when the record button is switched on!) and really be there to offer the right moves in response to the individuals in the room with them.
For  the next while we are continuing to livestream Elaine’s Thursday morning Pilates and Olly’s delux long yin yoga + nidra relaxation on a Friday evening. Do let us know if you have other requests.  (and remember we have our on demand library with a great mix of teachers and styles for any time you have a yoga or pilates emergency craving).
I am delighted to have been able to continue employment for our teachers and have everyone back in similar classes now that we have reopened. Your continued support is SO VERY DEEPLY appreciated by myself and all our teachers.  
Thanks to everyone for helping by washing hands on arrival and washing down our props after use. A reminder to yogis to please bring a pillowslip to cover your bolster and a towel to cover our blankets.

Thanks for bringing the vibe back to our place of good vibrations. ❤

See you soon!