Sensoma flyer Jan 2015A boot camp style training session like no other. Interval based
strength training with high intensity bursts will have your heart
pumping, muscles quivering and leave you on an endorphin high
for the day ahead.
Our trainer Graham will guide you through the same training plans
he uses personally to stay at the top of his game athletically. Using
combinations of kettlebells, sand bags and medicine balls you will
definitely feel the burn, and be challenged 100%. Added together
with moves borrowed from yoga and pilates to improve core
strength, balance, agility and eliminate muscle dysfunction.
By the end of this 6 week program you will feel stronger, have lost
excess body fat, conquered strength and fitness limitations,
increased lean body tissue, improved sleep patterns, reduced
feelings of stress and have energy to burn.
These Sensoma sessions will run at 6am on Tue and Thu for 45 mins at Transform. Call Graham for info on 0403 887 510.