Stay tuned for our Covid Era Classes

  • Nerve flossing for Flexibility Class – Tomorrow
  • Guided Relaxation and Meditation Sessions – Thursdays
  • Deep Tissue Release the lower limbs – Great for Runners and Walkers- 8 May
  • Yoga with a Chair – Next Friday. Great for yoga lovers who want to learn new ways to stretch, and also great for the less agile. May 1
  • Deep Tissue Release for Happy Hips – May 15

PS Make sure you have enabled push notifications (through your phone settings) for Transform  so we can update you about these special event classes 

Private Lessons

We are offering discount prices for members who want private lessons in their home. Socially distant but with you to guide you through the sort of practice you need, correct and assist and socialise in that socially distant way! Get in touch if you want a private session.