As the festive season approaches, we’re excited to share a special experience for your young ones: Our School Holiday Aerial Workshop in January!

Jingle All the Way to Aerial Adventure!

Give your kids the chance to experience the thrill of aerial in a safe and supportive environment. Your child will LOVE FLYING HIGH and ENJOY performing upside down tricks and building beautiful balances. They will swing, swish and smile!

The class is specially curated for teens and tweens ages 9-15. (Watch the video and see full dates here!)


Why Choose Our Aerial Workshop?

Boosts Confidence: Your child will discover their strength and coordination in a supportive environment.

Fosters Creativity: Aerial arts encourage imaginative expression and help develop a sense of artistry.

‍♀️ Builds Strength and Flexibility: Fun exercises that enhance physical fitness while keeping kids engaged.

Workshop Dates:

Click on individual classes to book your child or Click here! for full dates including term time classes.