It’s confirmed. Another week of lockdown. You might be feeling disappointed and it’s understandable to have lost freedoms, holidays, and have life upended. We learn about ourselves – how we deal with things when they don’t go our way. How we manage disappointments. We can shout, cry, winge and we might worry about our loved ones. We might worry about our homeschooling sanity. We might not love that rather than working from home, we are back to living at work again.

The upside feels small. As I type my youngest is making a wrap sandwich composed of seaweed, peanut butter, and vegemite. (I just tried it. It actually kinda works. Who knew?!) So we discover new things and realise new things about ourselves.

And to get through it, we just need to keep showing up.

Show Up for Your Offspring

Remember that kids learn resilience NOT through going through piles of bad experiences. Instead, they learn to be resilient by seeing people around them manage through. They watch conflicts being resolved in respectful grown up and constructive ways. And when they know they will be safe to express their needs. And when they will feel heard as they express their own emotions.  And if you want to get them off the screens, Daniela Minns has an awesome great list of activities here.

Show Up for Our Community

We can show up for our friends and family. Besides the obvious – phoning a friend or dropping a casserole at the neighbour’s door. In our lockdown, we are showing up for our friends and family by protecting the vulnerable and the unlucky from a bad disease. As the Premier says, ‘We are doing the hard work now to give us the best chance to have a normal life once we come out of lockdown’. We have vanquished covid before and we can do it again.

Show up for Yourself

Don’t forget to show up for yourself! Stick to your list of doing what supports you. Remember that what gives you immediate comfort might be a hangover from old patterns being acted out. And that ideally you want your comfort to be constructive. In other words it’s not necessarily instant gratification. But something that will contribute to gratification next week, next month, and next year.

Last night I taught a yoga class on COMFORT. It was so comfortable our peeps even used their actual bed pillows in the class for most of the moves. If you are uncomfortable with the uncertainty and want to practice being comfortable despite the discomforts, just reach out and we can send you the class.

Last Saturday, I taught a yoga class on LIGHTNESS. People liked it! 😊

If you are feeling dark or heavy, just reach out and we can get you a copy to practice to.

If you need to borrow props to support you with online classes just drop me a line.

If I can help in any way get in touch,

‘Til we see each other again (soon please!)