Here’s All You Need to Know

Have you missed us?!


Gosh! We’ve been missing you too!!


We are excited to be reopening October 11.


We’ll be following government guidelines which allow double vaxed visitors and instructors in studio at limited numbers to allow for space.
If you are not double vaxxed, or not ready to return yet, please stay with us for our online classes.


We understand there may be other reasons why you may not wish to return to the studio just yet. And with that in mind,




If you really wish for some OUTDOOR CLASSES to continue please reply to us to request your timeslots and styles. (Keep in mind it’s hot by 9.30am)


If you have particular classes you wish to LIVE STREAMED so you can JOIN FROM HOME, please reply to us to request your favourites. (Note, these live in-studio classes mostly likely won’t be recorded so you would need to be watching at class time. And please know that if you are a student in studio during one of these classes, your privacy will be respected. You won’t be on camera and nor will your voice (or grunts!) be heard.)


Our timetable will be only slightly reduced to start, but we will add extra classes before long. We thank you for your understanding on the viability of bringing a business out of its third lockdown.
If your membership has been on pause during livestreaming it will be reactivated for October 11.


We will need to sight your vax certificate on your first visit. And once your first teacher notes it in the system, you won’t need to show us again. So come early your first class please. To save time, email your certif to us now (Blank out any personal information you wish to keep private).




On a personal level, I understand how IMPORTANT IT IS TO FEEL SAFE while you are working out with Pilates and working in with yoga. For me, to feel that awful fear of not feeling safe is completely counterproductive to the Transform ethos.


So I want you to know my teachers and I promise to follow any guidelines that help keep you safe as we captain your fitness boat so we can NAVIGATE YOU SAFELY TO YOUR FULLEST HEALTH, HOPES AND DREAMS.
I have often taken solace in the government continually reaffirming the importance of exercise through the pandemic. In every lockdown it has always been one of the essential reasons to leave home. The authorities really get it – that to stay strong physically, emotionally and mentally, we need to MOVE.


And now, finally, WE GET TO DO IT TOGETHER.


Hope to see you in the studio soon!