Float on a cloud of sound and silk

Let this healing bath of sound wash through you as your brain waves dip into delta and theta states over 90 minutes of slow stretches supported by silk. During this exquisite experience, with your hammock will be just a few inches from the floor, you will enjoy slow, deep, restful stretches and the support of every inch of you.

The immersion of sound bathing can stimulate many benefits on the body, mind, & spirit.

With the resonance of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Japanese Koshi Bells, Native American Drum, and Tibetan Gong, you will be guided through a journey of vibration. This eases your mind into a state of relaxation, balance, rejuvenation, as your parasympathetic system restores you into a state of deep bliss and healing.

The evening will close with a floatation experience of being held and nurtured in your cocoon. Welcome in feelings of transparency, while the soundbath allows bliss and perfection to travel through you and over you.


Facilitators:  Lara is a master of aerial yoga and meditation who expertly seduces her students into deep meditative states.  Sound Healer Bella is dedicated to cultivating health, bliss and vitality.


When: Friday, 5th April
Time 6.30-8pm
Float Fee: $45  ($40 members and early bird by March 22)
Bookings required online or at reception.