This is an invitation to a circle of like-minded people and inspiring people, especially those who are on the spiritual path, to a joint search of the Truth in the channel of Light. If you are longing for this and the urge to be free is alive and compelling, this Invitation is for you.

A satsang is a gathering where diverse minds unite to experience a higher state of consciousness. Satsang aims to dissolve any sense of separation, allowing the inter-connectivity of all beings in the universe to become more apparent. The topics we will be discussing will be questions about situations in your life or what you want to know – either, talking about the nature of reality, self-realization, spiritual life and all aspects of human experience from the most ordinary to the most cosmic. …

Our conversation will not be just a conversation, all of our discussions will receive an energetic transformative upgrade with channeling Light Language in the end. During these times of stress and uncertainty it helps to stay true to your natural self. Our meeting together is an invitation to discover yourself, be your natural self and let your inner Light shine. It is a timely reminder that your happiness lies inside, not outside.

, July 30
6:30pm – 7:30pm
with Yulia Cornucopia

“Julia, thank you! The session continues, its magical miraculous power continues to fill me, changing and transforming my consciousness. Life is amazing and wonderful! How important it is to be in the moment and enjoy it!!!” -Natalie D

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Yulia’s Divine gift is to powerfully channel the highest source energies through her presence and Divine Song. She holds the participants in the Light, to the degree each of us is ready to receive, allowing our physical and subtle bodies to absorb and anchor these energies with ease, and activating us to our highest potential. Experience these transformational energies working within you on all levels.

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