Playing musical statues with my daughters last Sunday morning, I was having a great time dancing. Until the music stopped and I was pronounced out.


‘No!’ I declared, being certain I had stopped moving the moment the Katy Perry paused.
‘No Mummy’, my youngest corrected me. Pointing to the tricep area under my arm, ‘Your body stopped but your arm skin kept moving.


I knew already it had happened, that flabby underarm development which doesn’t seem to respond to any amount of pulsing with dumbbells. But last weekend’s dancing game felt like my official welcome to the over 50’s Bingo wings brigade. Of course some of us scurry to the cupboard and emerge with shortie cardigan sleeves, Summer equipped, and never to allow their tuckshop arms to be seen again in polite company. I will remain loudly out and proud. I am pleased with the wisdom and dignity my age brings.


It’s all just another reminder that longevity is what it’s about. Yes, please DO live a great life now.


And living a great life right now will also involve investing in a healthy future with what I call the pillars of health:


Good sleep, proper rest, managing stress, a healthy diet, and regular smart movement – finding your exercise routine which is like a wholesome diet for your body and nourishes and supports you.


And about supporting you, school is well and truly back so if you’re are one of us who had planned for a new year’s resolution only to find suddenly, January and now half of February have passed in a blur, this is your time to get started now. If you haven’t actually made that first move which you’d promised yourself, then now is time to act. Get on the phone to us. Or book a class or class pass as your promise to yourself. Stay ahead of the bingo wings (or whatever ageing means to you) and let’s help you get moving with positivity into your year ahead.