Reformer Pilates

This is like a flexibility class, a mindfulness session, and a total body workout all in one.

While the reformer bed might appear intimidating, it’s not. You can alter the spring resistance to super supportive settings, or crush it with stronger options that make you feel like a super hero! The Transform studio vibe is non- competitive and encouraging – You’ll smile as your form moves from beginner to advanced.

Each class will give you a full body workout. The movements are dynamic, challenging and diverse. You’ll build muscle definition, balance and stability. At the same time you’ll become more flexible and notice how the movements bring a sense of agility and freedom.

The use of spring loading will globally strengthen your whole body. Reformer Pilates doesn’t only target those larger muscle groups, it will also activate the smaller stabilisers. Where there is uneven weakness, you are also able to work unilaterally to focus in and correct imbalances.

If you are new to reformer watch this short intro to help you feel comfortable before your first visit.

What to Bring to Class

It’s essential to wear grippy sock for reformer classes (also available to purchase in studio).

Other Benefits are:

  • Correct posture – Get balanced from back to front, left to right, from inside to out
  • Strengthen and tone as you build from beginner to advanced
  • Reformer is low impact (but high intensity) and like a choose your own challenge adventure.
  • Prevent and heal injuries
  • Enhance performance in other sports