Prenatal Yoga Classes

Connect with your little one and enjoy your pregnancy more.

Join our hatha yoga classes and enjoy postures that are specially adapted to suit your needs during each stage of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is excellent preparation for a satisfying birth experience. You’ll build strength, flexibility, and confidence.

So many of our beautiful pregnant visitors tell us so many common discomforts of pregnancy are eased by yoga – and we know as we have specialist prenatal teachers on board too. Set yourself on track for an enjoyable journey into mother and your beautiful new baby. Call us to talk about the best classes for you.

If you haven’t recently been practicing yoga please wait until 12 weeks. Our focus at Transform is to support you, and we love chatting with our new mums-to-be. Together let’s work out the best way for you to start. Email us today or call 0402 970 020.

Mums + Bubs

Mum and Bubs Pilates or Mum and Bubs Yoga

Get your mother’s group together and bring your babies (newborns to crawlers, and pre-schoolers are welcome too) and have fun incorporating your bub into your workout as you regain your pre-pregnancy body.

If you have five friends we can offer you an 8 class term at a time slot to suit your group. You can choose from yoga, Pilates, or a combo of both!

Each class will stretch out those tight bits mums commonly experience; shoulders, backs and hips. And every class will strengthen up the body bits that are feeling just a bit too soft. Each session includes post natal abdominal and pelvic floor muscle toning appropriate for where you are at in your unique body.

Get in touch today to get yourself feeling great.

Prenatal Pilates Classes

If you want to stay strong and toned through your pregnancy, our Circuit Pilates classes are suitable from 12-40 weeks. At Transform we’ve had the pleasure of accompanying many women through their entire pregnancy.  You will enjoy a Circuit  class is your energy levels are around or higher than 7 out of 10. As nearly all of the class is on your feet, and using the ballet barre, you’ll need just a few modifications, which our teachers can offer you as you progress through the trimesters.

Our Pilates with props classes are matwork classes and are suitable for women between 12-20 weeks of pregnancy.  After that, consider barre if your energy is higher or come to yoga if your energy is a little lower that day.

If you are new to Pilates, please wait to join after you are 12 weeks.  We love chatting with all of our mums-to-be so call 0402 970020 and together we’ll work out the best way for you to start.  email us today.