Pilates with Props

Our Pilates with Props classes give you a supple body and long, lean muscles. First of all, Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. As a workout targeting the arms and shoulders, the back, the abdomen, the inner and outer thighs and buttocks, Pilates is known for its sculpting effects. In addition, it helps create a more evenly conditioned body without building too much bulk.

During each class you’ll actually be re-training your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion. Models love Pilates because it sleekens physique. Athletes love how Pilates enhances sports performance and aids in injury prevention and rehab. The rest of us like all that too, plus we adore Pilates as a boon to grace and longevity. As much as Pilates strengthens and lengthens us, we love how Pilates works so beautifully at any age, helping us steer clear of injury, attain perfect posture, and lighten our step as we move gracefully through life.

Safe yet challenging! Furthermore, Pilates with props moves are performed standing, on a mat or at a barre. The moves are low impact so along with the expert guidance of our teachers, and you have a safe workout which can increase in intensity as your body conditioning improves. We keep it fresh with the use of props like chi balls, therabands, sliders, balls, cuffs, magic circles. Known as an excellent core strength builder, Pilates is also fantastic as injury rehab, for postnatal mums, those with back and other problems. Do talk to our teachers about your condition. In conclusion, no matter what your age, your current fitness level, our Pilates with Props classes will help you gain strength, flexibility and coordination.

Pilates Props Class at Transform Yoga Pilates Barre Aerial Sydney Northern Beaches