meditate3Learn this great new meditation from a series of Buddhist practices that show us simply and easily where we are holding stress in the body and how to release it without trying.

Facilitator Louise Gilmore enthuses, “It’s a great working tool and everyone I have taught it to absolutely loves it. You don’t need to be a long term meditator to ‘get’ this. It’s so clear and so effective.’

This series works on the body, emotions, state of mind and clarity of thinking. It will push your reset button so participants can expect to feel more at ease physically, and experience clearer thinking with less agitation.

This practice is easy to learn and once you have learnt it can be refined to be practiced in just a few seconds. This will ease the ups and downs of life and you’ll discover that when the mind is less agitated, life will flow better.

Week 1 –State of body
Week 2 – State of mind
Week 3 – State of emotions
Week 4 – Mastery

Dates: Fridays Aug 29 – Sept 19
Times: 1.30-2.30pm
(Emerge breezy for school pick up and and the weekend ahead)
Fee:  $30 with your unlimited class pass or $80 without.
Booking: Online by adding your name to the first class (Aug 29).