Create some tasty lunch box snacks with this clever Fruit Roll Up DIY recipe!

​​Your kids will surely love this sweet treat.

  1. Line a 27cm x 39cm baking tray with a silicone mat or baking paper greased with canola oil spray.
  2. Process 250g of strawberries, 1 tbs caster sugar, and 2 tsp lemon juice in a food processor until smooth.
  3. Pour onto lined tray and spread until about 1mm thick.
  4. Bake at 100 degrees celsius for 2-3 hrs or until centre is dry to the touch.
  5. Cool completely.
  6. Peel the fruit mixture off the mat or paper.
  7. Cut into ribbons.
  8. Roll up and secure with kitchen string.
  9. For a twist, swap the strawberries for apricots (chopped, peeled – just cook with a little water until soft before pureeing.