Live Stream Help FAQs

1. Want to see us larger than life?

Cast us to your tv by plugging your laptop into our tv using an HDMI cable.

Zoom offers various views and you will want to see us as large as possible. Put us on speaker view setting (not gallery). And make sure you ‘pin’ our image at the start of the class.

2. Can’t hear us loud enough?

If your computer is maybe a little old and set to max and you don’t have a speaker to plug in, you can also try joining us twice. Use your phone or iPad to click the link to join us for the audio, while you let your eyes feast on our classes with your tv or monitor.

3. Pixelating image or broken audio?

Make sure your WiFi is receiving its full strength four bars or plug your computer into your router with a cable

Ask your household to consume less data during class (i.e get the kids off Netflix!)

Check with your internet provider to make sure you have a quality connection.

Should you get cut off your computer will reattempt to join the meeting so sit tight and likely in 30 seconds you are back with us again.

General tips

Keep your computer patches up to date. Reboot it before class to keep it sweet.

Fun with zoom

You can be visible to us or block your video so we don’t see you in your pyjamas. But did you know you can change your background to any image you like. It’s fun!