Coming Friday April 10th, Christina’s long guided meditation experience evening too! This webinar has a theory and practical components. We will outlines what happens to our body under stress, including how we can better look after ourselves in times of stress. Christina will share insights from yogic physiology (completely different from western physiology) to teach the group what is so special about this Yoga Nidra guided relaxation. Then you can settle in with your 40 minute blissful experience which will get you floating.
This is a 6.30 pm class. You can register for the class and watch it back later as you wish. We will make sure you get the relaxing part to keep and help get you through the coming months.
This extended session with notes is $40. If you are in financial hardship please let us know and we can arrange something for you.

What they say about the live streams:

“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for this mornings Zoom Yoga.  Had been keeping my distance from the studio because of my pregnancy. After working from home for just over a week was really starting to feel the cabin fever and it was exactly what I needed.”
“Thank you tonight’s session was perfect! I loved it! I loved being in the comfort of my own home with my doggy by my side while still being connected with the transform family! The sound of the crickets chirping outside towards the end was bliss.”  – Steph

I really enjoyed my first live stream and was easy for a very nontechnical person like me ( though i did have a teen on hand). I will make a mental note to not have my dishwasher on next time! So lovely to “see and hear” you Christina. Yes I was laughing when you were….. Thanks for being so adaptive. – Emma