It came overnight. The news that our kids would soon return to school full time. I was resolved the home school journey would go on and on and now they are suddenly back with their teachers. While it wasn’t all bad since we found our home school rhythm, it was also at times unsatisfying and frustrating. So how did I react at this wonderful news of freedom approaching?

Did I leap around the kitchen high-fiveing my husband? Did I retire to the loo to sob private tears of relief?  Did I call my friends excitedly to share the news of the sudden more space? No. I was still. I was silent. I felt numb. I felt deflated. And I felt mostly really, really tired. I realised I just didn’t want to consider yet another change. Not even a good one.  I just didn’t appreciate one more thing that felt out of my control, added to the huge stack of business alterations since we had to close the physical studio and move our Transform community online.

Life need not be easy,
provided only that it is not empty
-Lise Meitner
Everyone, do acknowledge that we are all in such an unusual space right now. We have never experienced such events and such strange changes. For many digesting so many adjustments has been overwhelming and exhausting. But one of the many wonderful things is that we have been able to come together in new, inventive ways. Access to the virtual world ha opened us up to new ways of being and wonderful new possibilities. And boy did the Transform community come together and stick together through this! The air quality is somewhat covid-cleaned. Nature has benefited. And while all that baking has created plenty of covid-calories, our psyches have been somewhat covid–cleansed with our simpler and slower covid-contained life. And I wish for our country to be smart and take advantage of the pauses and spaces covid has created and consider wisely how to return well. How will you use your covid-learnings to help support your yearnings?
Thank you to everyone who has filled out our survey we sent through last week. – I have been taking in the information which will help us firm up a schedule that really suits YOU best. I appreciate your input because for me, it is about serving you the very best possible. Just as you may have heard me speaking in class about how important it is that that particular posture or a movement must really serve you, our schedule and our teachers need to serve you too! 😊

People are keen to continue a level of live stream options so we will certainly be offering some live streams even once we re-open.  Many of you plan to work from home a little more too, which means you might appreciate lunchtime classes too. So we need to know what times you want.


Please take 2 minutes to answer  these 7 questions
Thank you for being excited about showing up to our online classes. By showing up for yourself you have backed yourself. And I am proud of you! I trust you have showed up in a way that is authentic to yourself, choosing smart options and knowing how far to push. And by the way, if the week before last you felt flat -you weren’t alone. Almost everyone I spoke too found that week a challenge on their energy. Almost as if we had a 8 week internal timer and our zoom batteries just went a bit flat and needed a regroup. So don’t feel bad if you dropped off the radar that week.  

Now, the energy has changed, traffic feels like Sydney again our mood is lifting, we are socialising more and people are looking ahead. There is light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before we can reopen to welcome you inside the studio.
You might find knowing real, live classes are coming back soon, that you drop off the online. I remind you that consistency is king (or queen!) so don’t be a stranger. And we will see you soon, when times feel less strange.

Check Out Our Upcoming Special Classes:

  • Half Hour Neck and Shoulder Soother Classes – Tuesdays
  • 30  min Ab and Hip Blasts – Fridays
  • Yoga & Pilates in the Park – Check our online schedule
  • Gin & YinSo they say it takes a village to raise a child…… and a distillery to home school one! And while at Transform we know all about the best wholesome ways to reduce cortisol your levels, enhance your relaxation through breathing, soothe your heart, and reduce blood pressure – yes –  that would be healthy movement and in particular – yoga! We also understand the realities of Covid pressures. So in the ‘spirit’ of fun we are bringing you a Friday night sponsored by your local grog shop. Join me for a little yoga flow and slow yin. All you need is a gin and tonic on ice, and a straw. The best way to do yoga without a DUI.  Be serene and you can float off to bed with happy dreams. Friday evening June 5th. (For best results pour yourself a hot bath beforehand and wear your PJs!)
  • From June 1st Petra will be available to give you beautiful massage, waxing and beauty treatments.  Petra is also an expert hair cutter.Lockdown is lifting!! 🙂 Call Petra direct to book your slot on 0427 776 387

Giving you all an affectionate and appreciative elbow bump kiss,