About Christina Brown

Yoga Pilates Barre Teacher, Yoga Author and Owner of Transform

‘If your practice gives you a sense of expansion and joy, then it’s the right practice for you.’

Internationally renowned teacher and bestselling author Christina Brown has been practising Yoga since 1989 and teaching for over two decades. After her first Yoga teacher training in 1995, she completed her Pilates teacher certification in 1999, and in 2013 Christina obtained her BootyBarre® certification and adores teaching these energetic and life enhancing classes too!

Christina is the author of several books on yoga and natural health including The Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide to Yoga Postures, which has sold millions through the English world and in a dozen foreign translations.

Christina trains the new generation of teachers with her teacher training programs.

Retreats led by Christina have been voted ‘Best in NSW’ and she is often a contributor to the Ask the Expert column in Australian Yoga Journal magazine.

Christina delights in tailoring the practice to suit the needs and ability of each student. Her students love her expert adjustments for postural correction and the chance to squeeze more juice out of the poses.

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