How are you travelling?


Did your coming out of lockdown PROPEL you from zero to 100 miles per hour?


Was your October and November rushed and crammed?


November is a month that often feels about completion as we start to look around the corner to a natural break in December and January. You might still be fitting in extra celebrations for those missed events.


There’s being busy in the moment and then this strange sort of ‘forward busy-ness’. I have found myself pacing through November with an eye already on December.


We are shifting into the silly season. More socialising, parties, end year drinks, and just being out there. Like a kind of FOMO overdrive that keeps us in flip out mode. And for me at least, more compulsory trips to the mall because I’m worried mail ordered gifts won’t ship in time.


Like me, do you find yourself strangely BUSY IN ADVANCE?

Self Care for Quality of Life

Someone in the aviation industry told me once that airplane engines do best and last longer when kept continually running. They don’t like stopping and starting so much.  Well, let me assure you that your body is not a airplane. Nor is your psyche.   Taking REGULAR REST IS ESSENTIAL.
It’s especially important right now to insert rest breaks in your week if you’ve had a few holidays cancelled these past 18 months. A holiday deficit will create additional pressure build up.
How to we arrive at Christmas with DIGNITY, GOOD ENERGY and EASE?
PRIORITISE SELF CARE. Be sure to insert space and time for emptiness.
Keep your HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. You don’t have to fix everything for everyone.
Know that backing yourself IS A GREAT ACT OF SELF KINDNESS.
If you LOVE YOURSELF enough to BACK YOURSELF, I have a very special event to offer that will down regulate your nervous system and help you recalibrate.
(Yes, I am aware of the irony of providing you with one more activity while encouraging you to do less.) But seriously this is about CREATING SPACE and truly having time to breathe.

It will give you a NERVOUS SYSTEM RESET

This might be the MOST DELIGHTFUL DECEMBER thing you can do.
Imagine slipping into a silky hammock, hung low to the floor. And rediscover stretching in the most three dimensional of ways. Use the embrace of the hammock, wrapped around your body to COMFORT to your nervous system.  Move from wired and tired to… INSPIRED.  Move from heaviness to lightness. From fatigue to freshness with the flush of slow smiles.
This is a delightful non demanding class aimed to BLISS YOU OUT.
Join me for this 90 minute experience, Saturday Dec 4 2-3.30pm
Members $30  Book here
Non members –  1 person $45, two friends $80, three friends $90.
(Text 0402 970020 to book more than one place.)