Winter is here. Which means you might be tempted to avoid coming out, and prefer to stay cocooned in your cosy blanket at home. But I would love to entice you out to our warm and cosy studio to try a different sort of cocooning – Being led through a guided meditation in our aerial hammock cocoons and it’s BLISS. A perfect experience to help you slow down and look inward during this month of hibernation.
Each Tuesday we offer an Aerial Restorative class where the hammocks are set low and we do long slow stretches. They make you feel spacious inside and restore the soul. It’s a class for all levels and there is nothing to fear. You get to cocoon and float low and it’s lovely. If you want to cocoon and would like something more on the strengthening side, then come along to any of our other aerial classes where you get both.
People often assume you need bulging biceps, power abs, or to be completely fearless to be able to enjoy an aerial class but that’s just not true at all. Nearly everyone who tries aerial for the first time says it was more manageable, more fun and they did better than they had expected. Many people fear their feet will hardly touch the floor in aerial class and that’s a fallacy too.
In reality, our aerial classes begin with start a little limbering (and your feet can be firmly placed on the floor!) Our expert teachers will first prepare your body with a safe mix of core strengthening, leg and shoulder stretches, and some mobilisation of the spine. For these you might be, reclining on the floor, standing or kneeling. You might be leaning back against a wall, or pressing away to stretch or strengthen, or you could be using your hammock to help you balance better. Sometimes we do limbering while seated in a pouchlike hammock.
As our hammocks are weight tested to 500 kg, they become your trusted partners and your confidence and prowess will grow.  

In each class, you’ll be offered a (non-obligatory) inversion or two. But once you have seen our expert teachers demo step by step how to enter and exit the inversion nearly every newbie feels confident to tackle this! (and we love seeing your delighted and proud faces when you emerge triumphant, all doubts banished!) People really find they get that happy hormone boost you might have heard about from aerial. And you’ll be in safe hands with the fully qualified teachers at Transform.
After this, you might do a feet on the earth segment like a hammock-assisted yoga warrior pose set or some balance work where you find you stretch better with the support of your hammock. Then you could tap into your inner child energy with a bit of fun swinging or swishing moves. By this point in the class, you will be trusting your hammock and will most likely feel ready to try some thigh wrapping, a mini flip, or a different inversion, just to add a little more thrill to your day.
Just in case you haven’t fallen in love with your hammock, the final part of the class often seals the deal for our students. It’s the floating relaxation part where your teacher talks you through a meditation while you are cocooned in your gently swaying hammock. It’s a really gentle experience that resets the nervous system. You will feel calm and rebalanced from it. So you might not have thought this would be the hardest part of the class. But many find the hardest part of their aerial experience is waking up from this delicious dreamy state and letting go of their hammock, which feels like farewelling their new bestie!