Aerial Flow

Possibly the best stretches you can ever have! You will leave class feeling stronger, extra stretchy and accomplished.

“For me, aerial yoga was like normal yoga… times 10. Not times 10 in terms of difficulty, but in terms of how effective, fulfilling and calming it was.” – Kayla Matthews

Aerial classes build core strength, reduce tightness in the body and assist immune functioning through enhancing the flow of the lymph.

You will visit some funky takes on traditional yoga poses using the hammock for support and enjoy interesting aerial adaptations of other poses where the hammock will enhance your yoga based poses.

The inversions and relaxations also release the body’s “happy” chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. The surprisingly manageable inversions you will meet create space between vertebral discs and reduce spine compression which can alleviate back and neck pain. By the way, usually when you are inverted your head is just a few inches from the floor – not too nail biting at all! And remember, your teacher is specially trained in helping you come in and out safely of these poses. So you can relax, focus, feel safe and enjoy the benefits.

Each class ends in a dreamy cocoon relaxation, soothing your mind into floaty meditation. The gentle rocking back and forth in a silk hammock is a Savasana lover’s dream.

Many who have tried report aerial classes give them greater flexibility, more focus, more strengthening, better stress relief and deeper relaxations than its earth-based yoga friend.

Tweens and Teens Aerial Flow

Each term we will first put the fun into fundamentals and progress on from there. Your child will love upside down tricks, they will fly high, swing and swish while building strength and flexibility. This will be an exhilarating experience for your child guaranteed to make them smile.

Each session begins with age appropriate breathing meditation, before we progress on to flips and tricks. We close the session with a floating cocoon of guided relaxation.

This Aerial Yoga is a class suitable for ages 9-18 and is run on a term basis. Get inspired! Take a look at some of the moves here. Ask about kids birthday parties.

If your child is coming to class with us, please complete this waiver form in advance. (You can do it at drop off too if you prefer)

Here are our School Holiday Workshop Dates and Our Term Dates.

“My first thought about the class was how liberating it felt: There’s an incredible lightness to soaring, stretching and floating through the air suspended by a lavender silk hammock. The inversions really get the blood flowing (extended periods of hanging upside-down will do that), which left me feeling clear-headed and energetic after the class, feeling like I was walking on air. There’s also a sense of playfulness that traditional yoga lacks — it is based in acrobatics, after all — with a freedom of movement that makes the class feel fun and energetic”.

Carolyn Gregoire

Aerial Yoga Aerial Flow Classes at Transform Yoga Pilates and Barre Sydney Northern Beaches

How Does an Aerial Class Work?

Aerial classes might seem a bit intimidating at first but it can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. People often assume you need bulging biceps, power abs, or to be completely fearless to be able to enjoy an aerial class but that’s not true!  Nearly everyone who tries aerial for the first time says it was more manageable (and more fun) than they had expected.

Here is What Happens:

Our classes begin with start centring and limbering (you might be relaxing inside your hammock, or you might be floor based, using your hammock while seated, standing, kneeling or lying down). The strengthening and stretching prep continues, possibly leaning back against your hammock, or by pressing the hammock away.

As your hammock and rock climbing rigging are weight tested to 500 kg, (and the steel fixings well support tonnes) your hammock will become your trusted partner and your confidence and prowess will grow.  In each class you’ll be offered a (non obligatory) inversion or two. But once you have seen our expert teachers demo step by step how to enter and exit the inversion nearly every newbie feels confident to tackle this.

Your class might have a feet on the earth segment like a hammock assisted yoga warrior pose set and some balance work where you find you stretch and balance better with the support of your hammock. Then you could tap into your inner child energy with a bit of fun swinging or swishing moves.  By this point in the class, you will be trusting your hammock and will most likely feel ready to try some thigh wrapping, a flip or a different inversion, just to add a little more thrill to your day.  You’ll be in safe hands with the fully qualified teachers at Transform.

Each class ends in a floating relaxation which lulls your brain waves into its’ meditation state – The gentle rocking back and forth in your silky hammock is dreamy. It’s a really gentle experience that resets the nervous system. You will feel calm and rebalanced from it. All this helps you sleep…. and just live better.


Your Aerial Pre-Flight Checklist

Aerial Yoga Aerial Flow Classes at Transform Yoga Pilates and Barre Sydney Northern Beaches

Each aerial class will contain a couple of inversions. Due to this, aerial classes are contraindicated in cases of:

Glaucoma, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, cardiac irregularities, seizures or easy fainting, easy onset nausea or vertigo, some spinal issues, or have had surgery in the last three months. No botox in the four hours before class. Because some moves are brief pulling up actions (a little like rock climbing), please get in touch with us to chat about any shoulder, elbow or wrist concerns.  Be sure you are in studio ten minutes before class so we can set your hammock height.

Dress Code to Fly:

Please don’t wear clothes with zippers. Please wear a T-Shirt rather than a singlet top and you need to remove your watch and jewellery before your class.